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Review: Autofile Plus v5.0.4

Autofile Plus is a handy application that helps you track just about everything you need to track concerning your car. The WakefieldSoft application consists of two parts, one for your PC and the other for your Windows Mobile phone.

Key features include:

  • Track multiple vehicles
  • Track Fuel Records (re-fueling) and fuel economy
  • Track trip miles by category, purpose and destination
  • Track Automobile services and expenses
  • Print reports and summaries
  • Graph fuel economy, miles driven, fuel costs, and service costs.

To see how Autofile Plus handles the road, just follow the break.

Review: Joggah v1.0

Admittedly I avoid exercise like the plague but software developer Subsembly GmbH has a Windows Mobile application that might make jogging a little more attractive. Joggah is a running log book, timer, distance calculator, and shoe mileage calculator.

Granted it's unlikely to get me training for a marathon, if jogging, walking or hiking is your cup of tea, Joggah might be worth a look. It'll even help you keep track of how many miles your shoes have on them. Follow the break to see how well Joggah can keep pace things.

Friday Fun: JackTheRipper

Review: GPS Weather Radar

We ran across a nifty weather application called GPS Weather Radar that's been developed by XDA Developer's Forum member avs777. It may very well be one of the most useful weather radar applications I've run across.  If you travel and need access to the weather, this is one application you may not want to leave home without.

Follow the break for all the details on GPS Weather Radar.

Review: FEWidgets Ultimate


Widgets. They seem to be every where these days (there was a day when they were called icons). If you're a fan of widgets, you might find FEWidgets Ultimate something of interest. Created by XDA Developer's Forum member nicodega, FEWidgets Ultimate is a user interface very similar to Samsungs Widget Home Screen.

Follow the break for more information on FEWidgets Ultimate and a few screen shots.

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Review: Dorothy Browser Beta 0.2.0

Just when it looked as if the mobile web browser market had settled down a bit, another one emerges from the shadows. Dorothy Browser is the latest webkit powered browser to hit the Windows Mobile scene. Dorothy is only for WM Professional devices (no word if a Standard Version is to follow) with a 400mhz or higher processor, 128mb or greater RAM and screen resolution of 800x480.  It will work on smaller screens but you'll just need to scroll around more.

Dorothy Browser is in Beta development so performance was sporadic. Pages loaded fast but seemed to stall half way every so often. That last little bit of the page load seemed to take forever to complete. I didn't experience any lock-ups but there's obviously still some work to be done on the page load end.

While performance still has some bugs to iron out, follow the break to see what impression the application's features and design made.

Herms Software: There's an App for that

Short Take: MToolbox

Ever wonder if that picture is hanging straight on the wall? Wife or girlfriend says it's not but you know it is? MToolbox might be a handy application to have in these situations where you need to see if something's level.

But wait, there's more. MToolbox also has a angle/ruler to measure length and angles, a light meter that measure luminosity, and shock sensor to measure movements.

Follow the break for some more screen shots and our impressions on MToolbox for Windows Mobile.

Review: Tipper

We’ve all had the experience. You’re out to dinner with friends and splitting the check has become an exercise in futility. Sure you could do the math, either in your head or by using the built in calculator on that cool Windows Mobile device you carry in your pocket; but both of those require thinking, which can be a lot to ask for.

Tipper for Windows Mobile Pocket PC (their name for it, one of these days the developers are going to catch up to the new naming scheme for Windows Mobile), solves this problem. Tipper is designed to assist in calculating tips and split checks between multiple people.

There are some twists to this application, which are detailed for you after the break.

Review: WiFi Hero

There is no question that mobile technology has taken off over the last couple of years. The evolution of wireless technologies and the devices that use them have gone hand in hand. As cellular signals improve, less and less people rely on more traditional connectivity technologies like Wi-Fi. There are those of us however, that live on 802.11 based networks. If you’ve spent any time using the built in Wi-Fi configuration tools in Windows Mobile, the experience has probably left you looking for a bottle of mouthwash.

Panoramic Software’s WiFi Hero is one of the myriad of applications that seeks to fill a void left by Windows Mobile. Obviously, the niche filled by this particular application is that of Wi-Fi configuration. While it’s not the most glamorous of applications, it does fill a need for a very reasonable $2.95.

Stick around for the full rundown.


Handmark has an app store, too

Last week, we tested a beta version of Handmark's "soon to be released" HandMarket Apps for Windows Mobile.  The Beta release of Handmark's App Store was mapped out for only a handful of devices including the HTC Touch Pro, Touch Diamond, and  Treo Pro with the final version available for most Windows Mobile Pro and Standard phones.  

Handmark at the last minute added the AT&T Fuze to the list and after a few tweaks and email exchanges the AT&T Fuze was mapped and we were able to take the Handmarket Apps out for a test drive.  Follow the break to see what type of impression the Handmark application store left as well as some screen shots.

Review: Handy Weather v4

Paragon Software has recently updated Handy Weather, their weather information application for Windows Mobile.  Handy Weather v4.00 adds "finger friendly" navigation, weather maps with zoom capability, hourly forecasts and locating forecast cities with GPS.  We had the chance to take the updated version out for a test drive recently and after the break, we'll share our impressions on Paragon Software's Handy Weather.

Review: My Little Tank


When it comes to software, everybody likes games. When you’re sitting at the Doctor’s office with nothing to do but read magazines that are 6 months old or watch soap operas, having games on your Windows Mobile device might even save someone’s life.

Astraware is one of the companies that excel in making highly addictive games for Windows Mobile. Casino, racing and even one of the weird little feed-your-fish-so-it-doesn’t-die games are all part of Astraware’s repertoire. One genre of games that work extremely well with Windows Mobile is scrolling shooters. My Little Tank pits your (little) tank against a host of nasties, mostly other little tanks. It’s a fairly typical shooter in that you have things to destroy and items to pick up and you’re generally trying to avoid getting shot.

For all the nuts and bolts of how the game plays and performs, rumble on through.



Review: RadarLove

Speed Dialing on the Samsung Jack

The Samsung Jack is turning out to be a very good Windows Mobile phone, and Windows Mobile Standard remains an equally good operating system. The sliding panels of the Samsung Jack's Today Screen can put a lot of information at your fingertips, but I can't help but feel Microsoft missed the boat when it didn't put a contact panel on Windows Mobile Standard 6.1.

Have no fear, CHome Configurator will make up for the lack of a contact panel and then some. CHome Configurator isn't a stranger to Windows Mobile Standard and is a utility that will allow you to add, delete and modify the WM Standard Panels. To see how well CHome fits with the Samsung Jack, follow the break.

Review: Power Radio