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Software Reviews


Review: iBrowz

We ran across an interesting application the other day that's a little bit of a mystery.  iBrowz is part RSS styled reader and part portal to online services but most important, it's is free. Developed by the Intouch Group, iBrowz is a BETA application that is truly a mixed bag that brings all the headlines from CNN, Sports Illustrated and USA Today to your Windows Mobile phone plus access to online services such as Paypal, Netflix and Fandango.

To see what all iBrowz can do, plus some screen shots simply follow the break.

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Review: GetSportz

Ran across an interesting application over at FuzeMobility the other day that might be of interest to all our sports nuts in the crowd. GetSportz is a freeware application that allows you to track all your favorite scores, schedules, and standings. Covering everything from the NFL to NCAA, from basketball to baseball to golf, GetSportz covers the wide world of sports really well. To see how well, follow the break for our experiences with GetSportz as well as some screen shots.

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If you have ever been sitting an a doctor's waiting room for an hour or hanging around an airport terminal for 3 hours waiting for your delayed plane, I bet you would have loved to have a small portable TV in your pocket to help pass the time.  Many carriers offer TV services, like SprintTV.  The problem with these services is they usually cost around $10 a month for the basic service and then an extra $5 to $10 for each add-on package of channels.  If you have kids who like cartoons, a sports fan, and then want to watch a movie channel, you can then be looking at an extra $40 to $60 a month to have access to these channels.  Another option is to Sling it to your phone, but it can cost over $250 to get set up. 

Now if you want to watch TV on your phone, you can with no monthly fee and a minimal cost for the program.  DiamondTV ver 2.2 will stream online TV channel feeds directly to your phone.  There are 358 predefined channels from 37 countries.  If you have children that have access to this program is it important to note that there are also 125 adult channels included, which are protected by a password that you can set.

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Soundz Cool

A lot of people spend a lot of time customizing their phones to suit them perfectly. With a WM phone, we can customize the wallpaper, the colors, the fonts, the icons, the bars, the menus, etc. And there are a lot of programs and utilities to make this very easy and fun to do. But few of us ever stop to think about customizing the sound themes on our phone. Once your realize this, it can open up a whole new world to making your phone your own. With this in mind, I have reviewed Soundz Cool ver 1.1. This certainly is not the newest kid on the block, but certainly one that has been long overlooked. To find out what you have been missing read on.

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Review: Resco Game Box

Games on your WM can be a life saver when sitting in a doctor’s waiting room or in airport waiting for your 3 hour delayed flight. With the average game costing between $9.99 and $19.99, it can be costly to choose a game that is not worth your time while leaving you at square one with needing to buy another game.

This is where WMExperts can help. I have reviewed Resco Gamebox ver 1.12. Is it worth the $19.99? Read on to see if this is one to pass on, or if it is the perfect collection of games that will entertain you when you need it most!

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Review: Resco Contact Manager has released Resco Contact Manager, a touch-optimized (another way of saying touch navigation) contact manager that puts more "zing" in your Windows Mobile contacts. Resco's Contact Manager is not only window dressing but it adds a bit of functionality to your Contacts screen. We took it for a test drive on the AT&T Fuze and found Resco Contact Manager to have promise. Read on after the break to see what Resco brings to the table with their new Contact Manager.

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Review: PocketTV

If you have ever tried to download an MPG movie to your WM phone and didn't bother to try to watch it until after you get settled down on an airplane for a long flight, you would have been disappointed to discover that WM Media Player cannot play MPG movies. This frustrating discovery leaves the WM user with the job of finding a movie player that can play MPG formatted movies. In walks PocketTV. Best of all, if you are using it only for personal use, you can use the Classic Viewer for free! To see all the screenshots and our full review of PocketTV, take a look inside.

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Review: SBSH Calendar Touch v2.1

SBSH  recently updated it's popular Calendar Touch to version 2.1. We looked at the previous version of Calendar Touch (v2.0) a few months ago and found it to be a feature-rich alternative to the stock calendar application of Windows Mobile. There was little we could find wrong with version 2.0, with the minor nit that returning to the current date was a little cumbersome. Readers reported a few bugs, including not being able to navigate easily with a stylus and that swipe navigation stops when you are on a day where the appointments extend beyond the single screen. Follow the break to see how version 2.1 shakes out.

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Review: Pocket Sudoku



For geeks like myself, there is only one thing better than free software – open-source software. The reason for this is fairly obvious. In addition to being free, the source code is available for you to view and modify or reuse. The open-source movement has led to some of the most popular software in use today. The Firefox Web browser is a result of the open-source Mozilla browser, and Mac OSX is based on the open-source family of UNIX Operating Systems.

Over the next couple of weeks we're going to look at some of the open-source software available for Windows Mobile. If you have an open-source app you'd like us to cover, let us know in the comments.

Pocket Sudoku, developed by Emil Andersson, is an application that I’ve used for a number of years. Currently in Version 1.0, it allows you to play several Sudoku style games within one interface.

Read on for the full review.

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Review: NetFront v3.5 Concept Version


The other day we published a review of the LG Incite and made note that along with Internet Explorer, it had Access's NetFront browser installed. Concentrating more on the phone's performance and features, NetFront was given little attention. A reader asked what we thought of NetFront and to be fair to our response, we found a copy of Netfront v3.5, the Concept Version, and took it for a test spin around the mobile web. Follow the break to see what we thought of NetFront.

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Review: Winterface Version 1.3

Vito Technologies recently announced the release of an updated version of their popular Windows Mobile interface, Winterface. The updated version, v1.3, reportedly has fixed bugs associated with SMS notifications and the weather icon. It also adds a brighter skin with "stylish" icons (Vito's words, not mine). We've downloaded the updated version of Winterface and loaded it on to the HTC Fuze to see how it performs. Follow the break to see what lasting impression Winterface has made.

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Penguin Panic and Click Deluxe 2

Looking for a simple, time consuming, addictive game for your Windows Mobile phone? Something that's not to hard for the kids but challenging enough so you don't loose interest? Deluxeware may have something right up your alley. Penguin Panic and Click Deluxe 2 are two relatively new releases from the software developer that may help you pass the time. Both games are puzzle oriented and are designed for Windows Mobile Professional. Trial Versions are available for both as well. In testing these two gaming applications out on an AT&T Fuze, they yielded mixed reactions. Read on after the break to see how these two games measure up.

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Iris v1.1.0 Released

Torch Mobile has announced a free "commercial release" of its Windows Mobile web browser based the open-source WebKit browser. The Iris Browser, version 1.1.0, includes "big performance gains," Flash Lite support, reduced memory usage and accelerometer support, according to the company. In a market that's suddenly become crowded with third-party web browsers, the latest Iris version joins Bolt and Opera 9.5 (and eventually Firefox) in the mobile browser race. Iris isn't exactly a newcomer to the field, with the original Beta version having been released about a year ago.

Version 1.1.0 features performance gains and reduced memory usage. The release adds support for Adobe's Flash Lite ActiveX control, and for the accelerometers found on HTC phones. It also includes "preliminary" RSS (really simple syndication) and SVG (scalable vector graphics) support, according to the company. According to Iris is touted as performing well even on devices with minimal resources, thanks to a fast rendering engine, efficient storage of bookmarks and cookies, and a cache optimized for low disk usage. Follow the break to see how well Iris v1.1.0 version 1.1.2  performed on the HTC Fuze along with a few screen shots.

Note: I wrote this review on Feb. 21, 2009, originally using version 1.1.0. While testing this version, an update (version 1.1.2) was released by Torch Mobile. We have just learned that yet another Beta version of Iris has been released, version 1.1.3 that Fuze Mobility is reporting corrects the screen freezing problems experienced with previous versions. Read on for our impressions over this rapidly changing mobile web browser.

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Resco Table Soccer

I loved Table Soccer growing up and still love to play it when I see it in an arcade somewhere. I love to have a small chest full of time wasting, addicting games on my handheld for those times you really need them, like in the Doctor's waiting room or waiting for your delayed plane at the airport. So when I saw Resco's Table Soccer this last year I snagged it. The answer to my question of is it worth the money, was soon to be answered.  Just follow the break.

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