Full specs for the Nokia Lumia 1020: 6 lenses, 2GB of RAM, and more

We’re less than 24 hours from finally getting the official details on Nokia’s 41 megapixel monster – the Lumia 1020. That doesn’t mean leaks aren’t still flowing in. Au contraire, we might have the full specs of the upcoming device. What to know what network bands it supports and more? Read on.

Comparison of the HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920

HTC have finally put their cards on the table and released details of the HTC 8X, their new flagship Windows Phone 8 device. Gone are the HTC ultra-utilitarian design aesthetics and in its place we see a smooth curvy body design that comes in some cheeky colours.

HTC have been with Windows Phone from the beginning and many have eagerly awaited the pronouncement of their new devices. With a strong design heritage and deep understanding of the platform, HTC have produced some of the finest devices. The 8X is their flagship phone, but how does it compare to the Lumia 920, the hero device from Nokia?

HTC announces the 8X with Windows Phone 8

Today, September 19th, HTC finally took the veil of their 8X device featuring Windows Phone 8. The device features an array of various technologies, including a 4.3” Super LCD2 display with Gorilla Glass2 at 720P resolution. In addition, the 8X features a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4 CPU, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of non-expandable storage.

But perhaps the most interesting feature besides the included NFC and 8MP BSI camera, is the Beats audio software and hardware. The software features some advanced DSP and signal correction technology but the 8X also features a 2.55v amplifier to greatly increase sound output.

And just as important, the HTC 8X will be coming to AT&T (US) for an estimated price of $199...

Leaked HTC Elation with Windows Phone 8 looks more like a clever fake. Here's why.

The HTC Elation is most likely faked

Our inbox has been inundated for the last five hours or so with ‘tips’ on the alleged HTC Elation. The device was reported on Ubuntu Life early this morning and the image and details reportedly came from HTC’s own site—in essence, a URL popped up that revealed the device in all its glory.

In just under 72 hours, HTC will be showing off numerous new devices featuring Windows Phone 8, so seeing things “leak” early is to be expected, not to mention the ‘Elation’ somewhat matches the specs of the alleged ‘Zenith’ WP8 device that HTC has reportedly been working on.

Good to go, right? Not so fast…

There are some red flags that have caused us to consider this not real...

HTC Accord aka 8X with Windows Phone 8 specs reportedly leaked

Specs and new image of the Accord?

The same source who leaked the original Accord images has come forward with more info this morning on the device, expected to be sold under the name 8X (similar to the One X series).

The specifications do fit in with the mid-range expectations as it reportedly has...

Microsoft details features and performance of forthcoming WinRT tablets. Looking good.

Microsoft has so far been rather coy when it comes to the actual performance characteristics of their forthcoming WinRT tablets. That’s to have been expected due to the new ARM requirements but many have wondered how frugal with battery and weight a Windows RT tablet could really be.

Windows on ARM devices are designed to compete with existing tablets currently available in the market. So far the iPad has been leading the way with great all-day performance and setting the bar for its competition. The good news is some of these initial performance specs look good, even when based on non-final firmware.

Nokia Lumia 610 has Gorilla Glass and other interesting specs

Call it low-end but don't call it cheap. That's how we feel about the Nokia Lumia 610 which in our opinion is a buttery smooth and elegant little number (see our hands on), despite being a bit neutered to keep costs down.

One area though Nokia is not skimping on is the use of Corning's Gorilla Glass which according to the device specs is on board. Sure, it may not have ClearBlack screen technology (it's a straight TFT instead) but that Gorilla Glass is a good thing to keep some light scratches away as you throw this in your pants or purse. Some other notable specs:

  • Quad band: GSM 1800, 1900, 850, 900; data 1900, 2100, 850, 900
  • HSPA - But no "+" on board so it's limited to 7.2Mbps
  • 2 Microphones
  • No compass
  • Talk time: 10.5 hours
  • 120g/4.2 ounces
  • 1300mAh battery

Not a bad little number and we think Nokia can do well with this phone, especially in those emerging markets. The build quality on this device is better than most mid-range offerings available today, which says something about Nokia and their ability.

Source: Developer Nokia

Nokia 900 specs leaked?

The Nokia Blog has posted the specs of the Nokia 900, one of the new handsets expected to be unveiled tomorrow at Nokia World in London.  The 900, looks to be the "Nokia Ace," sporting the same size screen and specs that were previously reported:

  • Windows Phone 7.5
  • 1.4GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16 or 32 GB inbuilt memory
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1800 mAh battery

It's interesting to see that both 16GB and 32GB models seem to be available, offering hi performance at a couple of different price points.  In addition to what's on the leaked spec sheet, we also heard that the 900 has an 8MP auto focus camera with Carl Zeiss optics and HSPA+ support for AT&T/T-Mobile.  The "Ace" will be the flagship phone of Nokia's new fleet, and with specs like this, it's no wonder.

UPDATE: There have been some questions raised as to whether this is a fake, based on Project #3 here.  Having compared the pics on that site with the one from the pamphlet above, and the one below that we left out of the original article, it just might be.  And of course, this is always one of the risks with reporting "leaks."  What say you, real or fake?

Source: TheNokiaBlog (Thanks for the tip, Brianna!)

Nokia 710 Windows Phone specs revealed on developer page

We've reported on the Nokia 703 Windows Phone in the past and even a possible image, but a 710? That's certainly new but it does hint that this may be a variation of the 703/Sabre, perhaps for a carrier or maybe unlocked international edition.

The info comes way of My Nokia Blog note that it was found on Nokia's developer page. They're not 100% sure if it's a Windows Phone, but all the specs suggest that it is:

  • 1.4GHz Cortex A8
  • 3.7″, 800×480 Clear Black TFT
  • 119 x 62.4 x 12.48mm
  • 125.5g
  • 28mm wide angle but 5MP camera
  • 720p, 30FPS
  • 8GB Internal memory
  • 512mb RAM
  • Browser undisclosed
  • Bit scary - BL-5B 3.7V 820mAh (820mAh) – 400 hours standby (more than iPhone 4S), 5H 3G browsing, 7H GSM talk time. MicroSIM.

Yup. That's pretty much in line with everything else we've been hearing about Nokia's offerings for their Windows Phones. But there are some anomalies, like the Cortex A8 which we don't think goes to 1.4 GHz and the Java/Flash part certainly doesn't fit. But perhaps those are just fillers or errors.

Want more proof? The Nokia 710 has shown up on Occasional Gamer's game stats page, which collects data from Windows Phones running some of his twelve different games in the Marketplace. So this seems pretty solid.

Source: My Nokia Blog; Thanks, Remus, for the tip!

Possible Required Specs for Windows Mobile 7?

Mary Jo Foley lets us in on some possible info about this "Pink" stuff.  First, there's these reported specs for 'Chasis 1' which according to Foley "seems to be the the heart of the rumored “Pink” Microsoft phone and possibly other Windows Mobile 7 phones made by Microsoft partners".

In other words, Pink may be a prototype/demo unit/scaffold for developers to model their next-gen WM7 handsets on--so Microsoft is setting the bar on what the minimum requirements will be and what they envision the ideal handset would be like.  Sounds pretty plausible to our ears.  Now onto those rumored specs:

WM7 Chassis 1 Specification

Core requirements:
Processor: ARM v6+, L2 Cache, VFP, Open GL ES 2.0 graphics HW (QCOM 8k, Nvidia AP15/16* and TI 3430 all meet spec)
Memory: 256MB+ DRAM, 1G+ Flash (at least 512MB fast flash – 5MB/s unbuffered read @4K block size)
Display:  WVGA (800×480) or FWVGA (854×480) 3.5” or greater diagonal
Touch: Multi-touch required
Battery: Sufficient to meet Days of Use LTK requirements.
Controls: Start, Back, Send and End are required (soft controls allowed as long as they are always present).


Camera: 3MP+, flash optional, 2nd camera optional (VGA resolution sufficient)
GPS: aGPS required
Sensors required: Light Sensor, Compass (3 axis, 5 degrees, 100 Hz sample rate), Accelerometer (3 axis, 2mg resolution, 100 Hz sample rate)
USB: High speed required, 20 MB/s transfer rate.
BlueTooth: BT2.1 required, must run MSFT BT stack, CSR BlueCore6 or later recommended.
Wi-Fi: 802.11B/G required, must run MSFT Native Wi-Fi stack, Atheros 6002 or Broadcomm 4325 recommended.
Connectors: Micro USB and 3.5mm Audio required.

FM tuner:  If tuner HW is present it will be detected and supported by the Media application.
SD Card (Micro SD recommended)
DPAD, qwerty or 12/20 key keyboards all optional

So we have an addition of a compass (iPhone is rumored to get that too), microUSB, accelerometer, light sensors, required aGPS, there's that ol' Multi-touch and some high end processors on board.  Gone is also anything less than VGA for resolution, which is something we welcome.

There we have it...think this all sounds legit?  Can you (and the market) wait till 2010?

More HTC Leaks: Device Specs


Here's some Friday fun for you: Tilt Mobility says the have some internal docs from AT&T showing the specs on many of the upcoming HTC Smartphones in 2009.  We recognize more than a few of these from the massive HTC leak and adding to its credibility is that these specs seem to line up pretty well with the previously leaked details on said HTC devices.

The "SuperStar" running an nVidia AP16 with an monster 3.7" screen sounds pretty tasty to us. We are a little surprised to see "Captain" and "Chief#W" here, could one of them just be another word for "Maple?" Anybody seeing anything else in this list that gets you pumped?

Update: Er, the Tilt Mobility story no longer says that all these phones are slated for AT&T, which makes more sense.

More Sprint Treo Pro Details from Internal Docs

 An anonymous tipster has sent in some slides from a Sprint document detailing the specs and functionality on the Treo Pro, including some head-to-head comparisons against Sprint's other smartphone offerings.  We do have some new information here too, including the procesor speed and storage.  Frankly, we're hoping that the bits about the RAM are wrong, because it's listed as 512 storage, 32mb RAM.  That's ....low.  While the previous Sprint Treo--the much maligned 800w--only offered 256 MB of user memory, it boasted 128 MB of program memory, four times that of the specifications listed for the Treo Pro.

More details and slides -- including why that RAM shouldn't be taken as gospel just yet, after the break!

[Thanks to the anonymous tipster and to Gabriel for the guest post!]

Treo 850 specs leaked

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