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Colorblind is a fast-paced reaction styled game for Windows Phone 8 that can be deceptively challenging.

The game presents you with a series of colored squares that you have to tap based on directions that appear at the bottom of the game screen. 

It sounds easy but you have to tap as many correct squares within sixty seconds.  The more you tap, the higher your score and one wrong move will end the game.  Colorblind will test your concentration, reaction time and is a fun game to pass short bits of time with.  It also has a battle mode where you can challenge a friend head to head.

Colorblind isn't a complicated game for Windows Phone 8 but it can be a challenging gaming option.

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Do you think you have quick reflexes? The Windows Phone game Naargh! may have something to say about that.

There's not much to the game but what's there is challenging and oddly addictive. Naargh! dares you to tap on all the red faces before times runs out.

It sounds simple but as the pace quickens, the game becomes painfully challenging. While Naargh! may make you yell "Aargh!" in frustration, the game has an addictive quality that pulls you back for more.

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Yesterday during a Build session, Microsoft software engineer Polita Paulus held a session on what it means for developers to upgrade their apps for Windows 8.1. While current Windows 8 apps will of course run just fine on 8.1, developers interested in taking advantage of the new code base will need to recompile their app and add or modify a few lines of code.

Like all OS updates, those of you who are straight up consumers just want to know, what does it mean for me? We know already that in 8.1 the “snap view” is basically gone in the sense that predefined sizes (1/3 or 2/3 of the display) are no longer required. That means you can drag and resize multiple “snapped” windows to whatever size you want.

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Speedtest.net is a popular and easy way to test out your network connection speeds. The Speedtest.net Windows Phone app brings all that testing goodness to your Windows Phone 8 device.

The app will discover your download and upload speeds, chart the results to show connection consistency, track past tests, and allow you to share with others your test results.  Or at least that's what the app should do.

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Frank Shaw, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, published an interesting article on the official blog today. The post details how Microsoft has been running what appears to be a sprint with consecutive releases of Windows Phone updates, Windows 8 previews and the desktop OS recently hit RTM. Things are going well at Redmond, which is painting Microsoft in a completely different light to what consumers are used to.

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Official Foursquare app hits v2.3, gets faster

The official Foursquare app just hit the Marketplace, meaning you can head there now to update (see our "force update" trick) or wait till your Marketplace shows it's ready.

New features/fixes in v2.3 include:

  • Facebook and Twitter settings fixed
  • Live Tiles fixed

Sounds good to us, especially the performance improvements. While v2.2 became faster, it's still miles slower than '4th & Mayor' (which we find more to the point), so hopefully this will bring it up to pace (indeed, caching of existing data does seem faster). We have to give Foursquare some credit here though: they sure are taking this app seriously and treating it like the marquee app that it is (especially with the rave reviews it has received).

Marketplace link is here, go get 'em.

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Foursquare seems to be on a roll, first re-releasing a much improved 2.0 last week, followed by a 2.1 bug-fix just 24 hours later and now version 2.2.

Like we predicted, Foursquare would be working on the improving the speed and handling of the official Foursquare app. Version 2.2 just went live in the Marketplace and has brought some much needed enhancements to menu transitions and loading times.

We've been running it for the last half hour and have to admit that it certainly feels much better with saner load times, finally making this app a serious contender. Kudos to Foursquare for the quick updates and improvements. (And for you '4th & Mayor' users, a bug fix should be released today for that app)

Grab version 2.2 in the Marketplace now. (Thanks, Shipwreck)

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Quick Fingers - Review

Do you think that you've got fast reflexes? Quick Fingers for Windows Phone is a gaming application that will put even the fastest of fingers to shame. It reminded me a little of the Moron Test but on steroids.

The concept is simple. Quick Fingers presents you with various tests spread over fifteen levels that gauges your reaction speed. Move too slow, you fail. Don't tap the screen enough, you fail. Luckily, there are three levels of difficulty (easy, medium and hard) to lessen the agony of defeat.

Follow the break for more on Quick Fingers and a video demo.

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SpeedGauge - Review

SpeedGauge is another Windows Mobile application that has made the transition to Windows Phone 7. The Windows Phone application is a speedometer that tracks your speed through your phone's location services.

You also have the ability to various travel statistics, change the color of the display and change the display to a heads up type. The only thing missing from the Windows Phone 7 version of SpeedGauge is an analog display.

To read more about SpeedGauge, zip on past the break.

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The Samsung Focus comes with 8GB NAND memory whereas the HTC HD7 comes with 8GB NAND (presumably) and an 8GB microSD card. Of course the Focus can be upgraded by adding a microSD card, but it does not come with one. The theory has it that the HD7 will probably perform slower due to the memory card and indeed, in our tests, this is the case.

Overall, the Focus feels faster in everyday tasks, navigating the UI and of course loading Need for Speed Undercover, in comparison to the HD7. But, that may be due to the Focus not having an SD card. Either way, the difference is obvious in this video.

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So you like your current setup on your Windows phone but are looking to add that extra oomph to give it just a little extra speed and fluidity? Well, look no further as I’ll share some of my favorite tweaks to help get your phone running as zippy as the processor can handle.

Most of these tweaks will not even require us to alter directly the registry. Instead, we will rely on various third party programs to do that for us. This will allow a method to record our changes as well as a quick way to “undo” anything you find unsatisfactory.

Oh and none of this involves over-clocking the processor—I’m just not a fan of that technique.

Regardless of your ROM build (custom or official), OS type, or device make, so long as you are running a Windows professional OS, you will be able to apply these changes. For the sake of audience reach, we will be using a Sprint Touch Pro 2 running a custom WM6.5.1 ROM.

 Read on for the only guide you’ll need as I reveal all I know on this topic.

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