FlyNet, building a better fly trap on your Windows Phone

FlyNet is a speed oriented puzzle game for you Windows Phone. It is a game where you build webs to capture flying bugs then spin your web around them and gobble them up.

Sound simple, right? Except you only have so many bugs you can let escape your grasp. Your webs will weaken after each capture and some bugs will simply bust outta the web. Either way it's a constant battle to keep your webs built up and not let the bugs escape.

FlyNet has sixteen levels that progressively get more challenging with more webs to maintain and more bugs to coral.  It's a buggy of a game for your Windows Phone and a nice time waster.

Arachnattack - Mango App Spotlight

Arachnattack is a simple, yet challenging game for your Windows Phone. Arachnattack has you fighting off an attack of spiders and it's your job to scare them away.

To scare them away, simply tap them before they climb back up to the top of the screen. Each spider that you scare off gains you points and if one reaches the bottom of the screen you loose one of your five lives.

When you first play Arachnattack it will come across a little on the slow side. Spiders fall at a leisurely pace giving the game a "too easy" feel to it. If you make it to the 800ish point mark, things begin to pick up and once you reach the 1100ish point mark the pace becomes a little feverish. While the speed of the spiders falling adds to the challenge, the background brick pattern conceals the spider web ever so slightly. As the pace picks up, sometimes it's hard to pick up on a falling spider and one that you've scared off.

All in all, Arachnattack is a simple but fun game for your Windows Phone. I doubt you'll spend hours on end playing Arachnattack but if you need to pass a few minutes, it's not a bad choice. Arachnattack is a free game that you can download here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.