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If you're anything like us, you've been mad flashing your CDMA Touch Pro 2 left and right with every new custom ROM released. But do you ever wish you could just change that one thing? Maybe add a program or remove one from ROM that you'll never use?  

Fear not, as Scott Crosler of SSK (Scott's Simple Kitchen) has released his combo of Kitchen and starter ROM package for you Verizon and Sprint peeps.  Don't really know what you're doing (and you're not alone here)? He also has a swanky PDF guide to show you how it all work (see release thread).

In short, you can now make your own ROMs off of his starter builds.

And simple it is. It's commonly referred to as a "visual" kitchen, meaning it's actually easy to navigate and operate with just picking and choosing what you want and what you don't. Want the Sprint version of TouchFLO? Done. Don't like that and want the HTC Sense version instead? Just as easy.

The kitchen comes with two starter ROMs: WM6.5 (21854) and WM6.5.1 (23037), the former is rock-solid while the latter is an older, early beta of WM6.5.1, so fun to work with but quirky. From there Scott has included a bunch of commonly used programs, e.g. latest versions of Bing, Google Maps, CHome Editor, etc. which you can add or remove from your custom ROM.

Of course, nothing is risk-free. But if you're ready to move beyond flashing other folks' custom ROMs, then SSK is a great place to start.  (We had our ROM customized and flashed within 15 minutes--didn't even read the guide!  Huzzah.)

Go here for the goods.  See further discussion at PPCGeeks.

Like always, remember to support these developers if you want these projects to continue.

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