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Much like Twitter, Instagram utilises its own following system where you can stalk others on the social network and other users can return the favour. But what about those who unfollow you? IG Stats for Windows Phone enables you to remain on top of just how many people you're following, along with how many are enjoying what you publish. Think UnfollowSpy, but for Instagram.

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Xbox One is Microsoft's next-generation video console, which launched just shy of three weeks ago. The company has today announced that more than 2 million consoles have been sold to consumers worldwide, reportedly averaging over 111,111 (see what they did there?) units per day. 

Microsoft previously unveiled some humorous, albeit rather pointless figures that included how many zombies have been slain in Dead Rising 3, as well as how many miles have been driven in Forza 5. We now have official numbers to play with when talking about the Xbox One launch and it's looking rather positive.

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Latest data from AdDuplex shows the Lumia 520 owning 33% of the Windows Phone global market; Nokia inches closer to 90% dominance

Another month, another very informative report from AdDuplex. As the largest cross-promotion network on Windows Phone and Windows 8, AdDuplex has been a solid source of data to get a bird’s eye view of the Windows Phone platform.  

What can we learn from the data from the past month? Globally, Windows Phone 8 is now on over 70% of handhelds running Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Read on for more insights into the world of Windows Phone.

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The cross-platform developer advertising network AdDuplex has released data for the month of February which details some interesting findings and trends for Windows Phone. We've previously looked at data leading up and closing off 2012, but what about the start of this year? We've also recently covered Windows Phone 8 taking over Windows Phone 7 hardware in the US, but how does this reflect worldwide?

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Yesterday we shared some of the advertisement data from cross-platform developer network AdDuplex. Now the full post is available on their blog and with it, much more data to comb over. In contrast with the mostly US-centric data yesterday, the blog post gives a worldwide perspective. Keep in mind, these numbers are from an ad network, the most popular Windows Phone ad network of its kind, but still not official numbers from Microsoft. That said, it’s still fun to look at the graphs and get some insight to the Windows Phone ecosystem as a whole.

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Another Monday, another questionable story about marketshare and smartphones is making its way around the tech blogs. This one centers on data collected by StatCounter, a site that collects data usage on browsing habits. They claim to gather data on more than 3 million websites and 15 billion page views per month, making them one of the largest aggregating companies around.

Recently, WMPoweruser ran a story that looked at browser data for RIM versus Windows Phone in the United States. Assuming all the respective trajectories stay on the same course, it looks like Windows Phone may overtake RIM sometime in November of this year. But is that the whole story?

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4th & Mayor: one year later

Jeff Wilcox, senior developer at Microsoft and developer of the 4th & Mayor Windows Phone app, has published some statistical data on his blog covering the app's usage in the past year. Wilcox publicly released 4th & Mayor one year ago today, and the app quickly become an extremely popular choice with consumers.

The Foursquare client, which currently sits at version 3.2 / 3.3, boasts some bold statistics:

  • Used by over 60,000 people, most every single day.
  • Over 35,000 people have push notifications enabled.
  • Of users who’ve opted into sharing usage information, the app has been used to check-in over 7,650,000 times.
  • The app's been run over 8,000,000 times.

It's interesting to note that 4th & Mayor has been run over 8 million times in 365 days. That's almost 22,000 times a day. While one would expect a high level of use due to the nature and functionality of the app, it's still a positive sign for Windows Phone itself.

As for 4th & Mayor, Wilcox is set to release version 3.4 soon which will "add a lot more features for international users, including more map choices such as OpenStreetMap and Google Maps, plus business hours support".

Should you not have 4th & Mayor installed on your Windows Phone, you can download it from the Marketplace for free.

Source: Jeff Wilcox

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AdDuplex has released some interesting statistics from a couple of days activity of almost 700 apps using the network's advertising service. Over the course of two days, the apps on the network were used in 189 countries, by 166,000 users. The U.S. (as expected) is leading the group with 34%, but should we look at data from just last month (chart below) you'll notice a slight change.

Countries that saw Windows Phone (and the Marketplace) being launched jumped up in usage percentage (India, Russia, etc.), which are positive signs of reach and let us not forget that this is data only on the AdDuplex network. Head on over to the AdDuplex blog to read up the full report (as well as see the breakdown of countries).

Source: AdDuplex

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According to the Q4 2011 U.S. data released by Nielsen, Microsoft has caught 1.3% of the "current smartphone consumer" market, whereas they've attracted 1.4% of recent smartphone acquires (within the 3 months). Windows Mobile is set at 4.6% with Blackberry holding 14.9%. Windows Mobile is still being pumped out (more being sold than Windows Phone) but Blackberry is struggling to attract smartphone upgrades.

iOS saw an increase with the recent iPhone 4S launch, which has been relatively successful, while Android storms ahead taking almost half the market (46.4%) and attracting 51.7% of the recent smartphone acquires. For 2012, Microsoft (as well as the platform OEMs) have a task to win the minds of consumers and catch the majority of new adopters. With the beginning of the U.S. push, and marketing still ongoing across Europe and beyond, we should hopefully see some results in the Q1 2012 report.

Source: Nielsen, via: WMPU

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This is an interesting infographic posted over on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, which shows data that was accumulated in 2011. While it's aimed at developers, we thought everyone would like to take a peak at how far we've come together. Be sure to click on the infographic to enlarge the size, which can be found after the break.

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When these agencies release marketshare data at intervals throughout the year, it's never a particularly positive story for Microsoft's Windows Phone. The platform has seen a steady decline in share (but not as harsh as RIM), but what could be the reasons for the constant drop?

We shouldn't look into it too much, nor should the data be taken at face value. The total number of smartphones is growing, and Apple and Google are the two players that are increasing rapidly. Windows Phone isn't performing as good as the both of them so marketshare may drop to reflect the increase in the total number of smartphones in the market. Sure, RIM isn't doing too well (losing 3%), but Windows Phone is selling, perhaps just not well enough.

Source: ComScore via: GigaOM

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Arnaud Michelet, developer behind the France traffic app on Windows Phone, has provided some statistics regarding device usage and the above graph shows something interesting (particularly for anti-WP Nokia fans). Nokia has been pushing hard, not just only in the UK, but France too. This shows with the line for the Lumia 800 shooting up through the roof, and still climbing steeply after taking the lead from the Samsung Omnia 7.

Should this chart be taking into account as a valid indicator on how well the Lumia 800 is performing in France, it also shows that majority of new owners are migrating from other platforms, since the massive incline is not met by a steep drop across the board for first generation handsets. While these aren't official numbers from Nokia (though they back up previous sales reports), it's worth checking out and feeling good about the data in-time for the festive holiday.

Source: MonWindowsPhone

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We've been following the Marketplace closely since the platform officially launched in October of last year. The statistics has always made us quietly giggle to ourselves with the growth Windows Phone has witnessed in terms of quality apps being submitted and developers establishing themselves compared to Android and iOS. Distimo, a mobile analytics firm, has published Marketplace data in some pretty charts and graphs. Starting with the image above, we can see the steady growth of the Marketplace, which is well on its way to the 50,000 marker, and compare the increase of paid and free apps with the number of publishers.

From launch 70% of available apps were paid, and this trend continued until early this year where an influx of free apps stormed the Marketplace - accompanied by spam. You'll notice a growth halt between June and July this year, which was due to Microsoft decreasing the number of apps a developer can publish a day with similar functionality. Check out a few more charts after the break that run through app breakdown, the comparison of downloads between Apple and Windows Phone with top 300 free and paid apps, and the number of apps available in countries.

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Millennial Media has released some statistics which puts Windows Phone in a healthy attack. According to the mobile advertising specialist Microsoft's platform has increased the volume of advertisement impressions month-on-month by 48%, matching Android. iOS and Symbian remain "relatively flat" while Blackberry grew by 10%.

With Mango just around the corner, we will look forward to comparing data from a number of analytical sources before and after the release of the update and launch of new hardware. We looked at Millennial data back in June and how Windows Phone has a higher CTR (click through rate) than iOS and Android.

The above table shows the top 10 app categories ranked by the number of impressions accumulated. It's interesting to see health and fitness jump into 8th place, while gaming is always a firm favourite to top the chart. Check out the full global report in a PDF below.

Source: Millennial Media (PDF), via: WMPU

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Windows Phone Marketplace statistics

Justin Angel, former Microsoft Silverlight Program Manager, has downloaded all Windows Phone Marketplace XAPs and analysed them. He's then gone on to provide some insightful graphs for us all to see. He ended up with 108GB and analysed 24,505 apps, looking at Obfuscation, Silverlight vs. XNA, programming language, number of cloned apps and more.

We'll get stuck into cloned apps to begin with, which Justin reports as being around 925 of the 24,505 he took into account. These are the apps that share the same functionality as each other, such as the spam that we encountered, etc. He estimated that over 20% of the Marketplace is the same app published more than once. This leaves just 18,549 apps in the Marketplace that are unique. Check out the chart after the break for a visual representation.

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Phonealytics - Review

Analytics, the right-hand man for any web developer or e-consultant, is the base of all marketing campaigns, social expeditions and performance reports for any website. Google Analytics is the freely available and widely used software offered by the search giant for webmasters to take advantage of. The beauty of Google Analytics is the integration it has with Feedburner and Adsense as well as available APIs. It's freely available and offers webmasters with a fairly accurate picture of how a web property is performing (should visitors have JavaScript enabled). Although one must remember that nothing can compare to server-side software like AWStats etc. with accuracy.

The most useful data that's looked at includes visits/visitors, bounce rate, time-on-site and sources. As mentioned above, it's vital for marketing, reports and optimization of software or pages. Visits and visitors are counted and recorded to calculate the ratio for new visits against returning visitors. Bounce rate determines how relevant or effective your site is to captured audience. Time-on-site is pretty self-explanatory, while sources covers where visitors came from (be it search engines, direct or referring sites).

Unfortunately, since Google Analytics makes use of Flash for graph rendering, the service is less-than available on smartphone platforms that do not support Flash. How would a Windows Phone user keep up with site statistics while on the go? Allow me to introduce Phonealytics, by Luke Lowrey. 

Fantastic Metro UI design Google Analytics on the go Fast and simple
Could do with more reports (Adsense etc.)
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The AdDuplex team has posted an interesting article on their blog that goes into how some clicks aren’t registered in the system to maximise the user experience. Alan Mendelevich, a developer, explains:

As you probably know, there’s no multitasking in current version of Windows Phone. So as soon as you open a marketplace app via MarketplaceDetailTask the control is transferred to the MP app and the call to register the click on your server gets killed. There are 2 general ways to overcome this:

  1. Route all the taps through your web server.
  2. Delay opening the marketplace app until the click is registered with you server.

We’ve dismissed both of these approaches because of the effect they have on user experience and based on the understanding of what is the end goal for our clients.

The overall just of the click being counted is when a user taps on an advert, this click event is saved in Isolated Storage and the user is transferred to the Marketplace. Should that user return to the app where he/she performed the tap on the advert, the user is checked against a saved click. If one’s present it’s reported to the server.

Alan ran a short experiment to check how much CTR is actually lost due to the above user experience adjustments. Estimating from two identical adverts (one going to the Marketplace and the other via the web) Alan reached a conclusion that approximately 20% of the Marketplace links are not registered.

What do you think about this as a developer who uses the service? Should you have any suggestions or feedback, check the article via the link below to voice your opinion - every little shout helps.

Source: AdDuplex

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