Feeling peckish? Order lunch with the official SUBWAY Windows Phone app

The popular food chain SUBWAY has released an official Windows Phone app for the UK. The franchise is a popular destination for the general public who rather enjoy fresh sandwiches with more choice than what's on offer at local supermarkets. Fancy ordering lunch without moving from your seat? Now you can with the SUBWAY app.

The app unfortunately only covers Greater London for the time being, but it's stated within the app that more regions will be added over time (we couldn't imagine the company limiting access to just a single city). The SUBWAY app is particularly useful for consumers who actively utilise the SUBWAY SUBCARD.

Photos of Smartphone Beta Test advertising on New York subway

Nokia has been a relatively busy bee when it comes to promotion, especially when you consider the scale of their global campaign. We've now got some photos of the advertising madness in action at New York subway stations and the promotion material appears to be everywhere. The Smartphone Beta Test is being slapped on walls, pillars and even staircases with the recently launched AT&T Lumia 900 by its side.

As well as this advertising push, we've also had a live performance by Nicki Minaj take over Times Square and the Lumia 710 launch by T-Mobile - you can safely say it has been a blast thus far. We've seen Nokia also take the "Amazing Everyday" to Madrid's Estación de Ópera, a fairly popular train hub in Spain, as well as handing out cupcakes in Belgium.

Taking a look at the photos below (as well as the remaining shots in the SkyDrive album) we can see that the advertising material is certainly eye-catchy and is perfect for those tired travellers who would give anything for their eyes to feast on some colours.

Check out the rest of the photos on Kamal's SkyDrive. Thanks Travis for the heads up!

Fellow Gothamers rejoice, 'New York Subway' is here for WP7

This post is for just my fellow 8 million or so New Yorkers who rely on the MTA for daily transportation, occasional napping and studies of human social behavior. Good news Everyone! Developers Presselite have made their 'New York Subway' app available in the Windows Phone Marketplace for a very fair $0.99.

The app is well known in the iPhone world, as it not only gives the MTA subway map, but shows the nearest station in relation to your current location, can plan a route (including estimated travel time) and it can even give MTA track updates (e.g. when repairs are being done, lines are shut down, etc.). All in all, it looks to take advantage of Bing, GPS and Metro UI quite effectively and makes for a great daily travel tool. Or we suppose if you're one of the millions of visitors, to which I say "You're walking to slow!"

Source: Zune/Windows Phone Marketplace

Actually, Google Maps has showed the NYC subway for a while now

You should hear Malatesta's tale about making it to the Oct. 6 launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 with just seconds to spare. It's classic. Especially the part about surviving the dude playing jazz flute. But that's for another time.

Anyhoo, what got him there in time for the keynote was Google Maps, and its inclusion of NYC subway maps. They've been there for a while now, but Google's recently publicly announced them as a feature in the Layers. To turn it on (or just test it if you're outside the city), point the map to NYC, then go to Menu>Layers and turn on the Tranisit lines. Zoom in and you can get station info. It's That simple. [Google Lat-Long blog]

Tube brings subway maps to your phone

Here's a cool little app for all your Subway riders aout there.

Tube has just hit Version 4.0 for Windows Mobile Pro and includes subway maps for Barcelona, London, New York, Paris, Rome and Washington.

Drop $9.99 and you'll get maps and info on:

  • Entertainment
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Museums and Galleries
  • Parks and Water Features
  • Places of Interest
  • Shops and Markets
  • Streets
  • Stations

The app is GPS-enabled, so it's not just a static map, though the U.S. cities definitely are limited right now.

Tube [via]