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You-Doo is a location based to-do list app for Windows Phone

Humans can be pretty forgetful creatures. Which is why eons ago some brilliant man invented the to-do list. This allowed man to prioritize and execute important tasks. Thankfully our smartphones have now given rise to ‘smartlists’. And that’s exactly what You-Doo for Windows Phone is. It’s a very smart to-do list, task scheduler and reminder app that uses your location to help you get stuff done. Let’s check it out.

Location Reminder for Windows Phone 8, position based reminders

Location Reminder is a Windows Phone 8 app that is a convenient way to tag locations and set location based reminders about them.

For example, you order a birthday cake at the local bakery you drive by daily. With Location Reminder you can save the location of the bakery and set a reminder to pick the cake up. As you drive near the bakery, a toast notification will pop up reminding you to stop and pick up the cake.

Location Reminder can be a handy app to help remind you to pick up that loaf of bread as you pass the grocery store or remember to take your clothes to the dry cleaner as you leave the house.

Stay on top with PowerTasks for Windows Phone

Stay on top of your deadlines with PowerTasks, a well-received Windows Phone application that has seen a small update for users with Windows Phone 8. If you need help keeping track of your life and haven’t committed to anyone task manager yet, it might be worthwhile to check out PowerTasks.

Windows Phone App Review: GoGetter

GoGetter is a task manager for your Windows Phone that not only helps you manage current tasks but the "to do" list you plan to get to one day.

Add live tile support, DropBox backup, and a customizable layout and GoGetter is a nice task management app for your Windows Phone.

Goals, a Windows Phone app to help sort it all out

Goals is a Windows Phone app designed to help you keep track of your goals and the steps needed to accomplish them. Be it a long term goal such as losing weight or the shorter term goals such as planning a vacation.

Goals is laid out in a very clean, straight forward fashion. You just tap the "+" button at the bottom of the main screen to create a goal and then add steps to that goal. As you complete the steps, the goal listing will become shaded to show your progress.

Cross-platform task manager Wunderlist now available for Windows Phone

Wunderlist, the popular cross-platform task manager, is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. We previously covered the news of the app being developed for Microsoft's mobile platform with 6Wunderkinder (the team behind Wunderlist) publishing a tease capture of the app in action.

Your tasks are stored in the cloud of wonders with your free Wunderlist account, that can be accessed on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Tasks can contain notes for more detail to be added, and the user can also filter and prioritise (star) important tasks.

Some key features to take note of:

  • Email reminders to ensure your tasks never slip your mind
  • Send tasks to Wunderlist from your email inbox
  • Sort your tasks into lists and organise accordingly
  • Assign deadlines to your tasks
  • View a breakdown of your tasks with filtered views
  • Give your tasks further detail with detailed notes
  • Prioritise (star) important tasks
  • Personalise the app with included background wallpapers

Wunderlist is a pretty neat task manager and looks absolutely gorgeous on your Windows Phone. You can download Wunderlist from the Marketplace for free.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Tasks app by Telerik gets Mango update

We've previously covered Telerik's Tasks app that shines as a perfect example of Metro UI implementation and of their RadControl software for Windows Phone 7 (and now Mango too). It's a free app available to download from the Marketplace and serves as an in-depth checklist of things the user should accomplish throughout daily usage. Tasks has recently been updated to receive Mango goodies.

What makes the app stand out is the colour usage and how fluent the design is, not to mention functionality. There is room for improvement however, users have requested synchronisation with Outlook and GMail which is said to be coming soon. For now, we have the following changes in the Mango update:

  • Live Tile support with number of incomplete tasks.
  • Ability to deep-link pin an individual task category to the home screen.
  • Orientation lock implemented.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Not at all bad, right? You can download Tasks (Zune link) from the Marketplace for free.