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Hands-On with the TechFaith Vista 850

Like the non-US GSmart T600, the Vista 850 weds Windows Mobile 6.1 with a white case. Unlike the GSmart, it's Windows Mobile Standard. Also it's actually a Quad-Band phone, so it should work just peachy in the US. It's Edge-only, though, which is a bit of a bummer. Combine that with a 200MHz OMAP processor (seriously guys, it's not ok to use that anymore), 64MB of RAM, and a 240x320 screen and you'd be looking at a fairly low-rent device.

But wait, what's this? 2 GB of ROM for storage. Sounds to me like somebody's thinking about making this a media phone. Also, like the Velocity's offerings, we're seeing a trackball on this little guy.

As is often the case with these smaller companies, pricing and availability is unknown, but don't expect it to be released with any US carriers officially.

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