Telerik open sources its UI controls for building Universal Windows Platform apps

Speaking at Microsoft’s recent Creators Update Developer Day, Telerik announced that it is open sourcing its suite of UI tools for Universal Windows Platform apps.

Telerik makes controls free for a limited time in honor of TechEd 2014

Telerik, the company behind a number of popular developer tools for mobile platforms like Windows Phone, are making their suite of UI controls for Windows platforms completely free for the next four days in honor of TechEd 2014. This includes controls for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Telerik adds push notification support to cloud services; native SDK available

The Telerik team, the brains behind the popular developer tools for Windows Phone and other platforms, has announced push notification support for Windows Phone. Every feature supported by the Windows Phone OS is now implemented in Everlive, enabling developers to take full advantage of the functionality in Microsoft's mobile platform, while being able to fully support iOS and Android.

New Hub Tile Control for Windows Phone released by Telerik [Developers]

Telerik, the company behind the RadControls suite for Windows Phone Developers, has released an interesting update to their software. The introduced RadHubTile will enable developers to create live tiles within their application (just like the home screen) to further increase the good looks meter.

There are a number of hub tile classes available, which include: RadHubTile, RadMosaicHubTile, RadSlideHubTile, RadPictureRotatorHubTile and RadCustomHubTile. More information about each class is available in the Telerik blog article, do check out some of these supported tile effects in the below video demo. 

RadControls for Windows Phone is a suite for developers that will set you back by about $99 ($1,200 for the full bulk - .NET controls, analysis & data tools, etc.), although there is a free trial available. While it's pretty expensive for the odd garage developer, the results can be absolutely stunning (just look at Tasks - a free todo app by Telerik).

Source: Telerik Blog

Telerik Unleashed events special prize

Telerik, the brains behind the Tasks App and RadControls, have announced today the Telerik Special Windows Phone Unleashed Events Grand Prize. There is a selection of the top 25 submitted apps from the Unleashed events organized by Microsoft and local communities. On October 28th, the winner of the grand prize will be selected at random, which will pot the winning developer $5,000.

This is where things get interesting. Telerik is also offering a community favourite prize of $300 for the app with the most tweets. Visit the Telerik Unleashed page (link below) to check out the available apps and tweet your favourite. Do make sure, when tweeting, that "#telerikwp7prize" is included with your selected winner.

Source: Telerik Unleashed

Tasks app by Telerik gets Mango update

We've previously covered Telerik's Tasks app that shines as a perfect example of Metro UI implementation and of their RadControl software for Windows Phone 7 (and now Mango too). It's a free app available to download from the Marketplace and serves as an in-depth checklist of things the user should accomplish throughout daily usage. Tasks has recently been updated to receive Mango goodies.

What makes the app stand out is the colour usage and how fluent the design is, not to mention functionality. There is room for improvement however, users have requested synchronisation with Outlook and GMail which is said to be coming soon. For now, we have the following changes in the Mango update:

  • Live Tile support with number of incomplete tasks.
  • Ability to deep-link pin an individual task category to the home screen.
  • Orientation lock implemented.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Not at all bad, right? You can download Tasks (Zune link) from the Marketplace for free.


ToDo app built with Telerik RadControls for WP7 [Developers]

Telerik provide Windows Phone 7 developers with a product called RadControls, which is bundled with a number of controls that are reportedly not available in the UI toolbox for WP7. Many apps including the #1 ranked app in the finance category on the Marketplace are developed using these tools and with MyBudget being a finance management tool, it takes full advantage of graphs and other features offered in RadControls.

RadControls is available as a free trial and is purchasable for $399/$499, but you have exactly seven days left in the Telerik sale where the price has been slashed to $99. With this fee you unlimited deployments and full redistribution rights. For an extra $100 you get free major updates and the source code.

In the image above you will see a ToDo app that was built using RadControls. Telerik have dedicated a section of the WP7 website to aid start-up developers with creating apps and how to bring everything together. There are a number of blog posts covering this ToDo app and how it was designed/developed using the tools available. The option to download the source code (and wireframe PDF) is also available to see how everything connects behind the UI.

Check out a video showcasing some apps using the software, as well as a mention of the Telerik Examples app in the Marketplace after the break.