HTC adds ability to delete temporary files on the 8X and 8S with latest OS and firmware update

One issue that has been bugging some users for a while now is the inability to delete temporary files on their Windows Phone 8 devices.  Nokia got around this by building in their Storage Check app and even Huawei is reportedly making an app to do the same.

Now, after reports of the GDR2 (and firmware) update rolling out for unbranded HTC 8X owners today, the ability to delete temporary files is evidently built right into the OS.

Windows 8 Facebook Photo Cover tool available to customise a start screen

Just bought a new Windows 8 machine? Excited by the start screen tiles and are an active Facebook user? Microsoft has a tool that enables one to create personalised Windows 8 start screen cover photos, using contact photos and other personal content from a connected account.

Custom ROMs for Verizon Trophy, Sprint Arrive on the horizon with new HSPL tool

Today's a big day as DFT have released their HSPL RSPL tool version 3 for Windows Phone. Previous versions allowed access to GSM editons of Generation 1 HTC devices which is why they're able to run those custom ROMs that we've reported on previously. This latest version of the HSPL RSPL tool released today now enables support for two CDMA phones: the Verizon Trophy and Sprint Arrive (7 Pro). From the changelog:

  • Added support for 'SCHU1000' and 'PD291200' MIDs
  • Removed OTA update inside RSPL and HSPL, this allows to keep HSPL after
  • HTC OTA Zune update.
  • Added warning screen about 4.XX and 5.XX
  • But still NO support for 4.XX and 5.XX
  • Support for CDMA devices: GoldC and SparkW (Edit: Gold_C is the codename for the Sprint Arrive and Spark_W for the Verizon Trophy)
  • Wizard UI: only WWE support remains

This tool is the first needed to unlock the bootloader allowing the loading of custom ROMs onto the device. That means "ROM chefs" can now begin the cooking and testing of custom builds, eventually getting to the point where a stable version can be released to the public.

That's good news for those who don't want to wait for the latest build of the OS to get "officially" released (assuming it will even happen). In short, whether Verizon or Sprint officially release 8107 to fix the keyboard, you should be able to load a custom ROM with it in the near future.

Stay tuned for those custom ROMs over the next few weeks as we'll report any that come forth.

Source: XDA and DFT; Thanks, DavidinCT, for the tip!

Windows Phone unlocking tool being discontinued...for now

With Mehdoh going and this being MetroTube's last day, we figured why not go for the trifecta? Yes, in a late-breaking story here, ChevronWP7 Labs will be coming to an end as soon as those remaining "tokens" sell out. This was (and still is) the only sanctioned unlocking tool outside of Microsoft's $99 AppHub and was to serve as the gateway to a large homebrew community. Not to mention allowing new devs without the hundred bucks to play around before committing to the platform.

The team of ChevronWP7 Labs, made up of Long Zheng, Rafael Rivera and Chris Walsh, have put out a statement on the matter:

"ChevronWP7 Labs enters the New Year with 10,000 token sales under our belt. Hooah! Nearly 90% of the tokens we’ve sold have been used to successfully unlock a Windows Phone thus far.

Our agreement with Microsoft was to sell no more than 10,000 tokens. Our team doesn’t currently have plans to renegotiate this number, although it’s a matter we’re still discussing."

No doubt there have been some difficulties with various configurations of people's computers and phones as well as some PayPal issues leading perhaps to some frustration on both sides. The question though is this: will we see the return of the ChevronWP7 Labs experiment or will someone else have to take up the cause? We're sure to find out in 2012...

Screenshot tool now allows use of camera button in updated version [Homebrew]

Wow, just last night we posted about Screen Capturer v2, which allowed one to use take screen caps on their device in Mango--a first without being tethered to a PC. Then Windows Phone Hacker patched it so that you didn't need to have to be interop-unlocked, which cuts down on the requirements.

Now version 3 just hit and will you be impressed:

  • Full English version
  • Redesigned UI with Metro interface
  • No interop-unlock requirement
  • Use camera button to take screen caps (!)
  • Prevent Capture Task auto run: Capture Task uses BackgroundAgent to run and wait for Camera button event, BackgroundAgent may auto run in some case, enable this option to stop auto capture.
  • The Capture Task duration: How long will the Capture Task run before it stop to accept Camera button event.

We just loaded it up and it works like a charm--so simple and easy to use, plus you can keep the "task" open for a few minutes, allowing you to take numerous screenshots without having to reenter the app. Simply brilliant and a must have for anyone who is dev unlocked.

Grab the app here at XDA.

Emulator screenshot ability coming with May tool refresh [Developers]

Good news devs, with the May tool refresh announced today, you'll also be getting a screenshot tool within the emulator (no, still nothing for on-device). 

It's resolution agnostic and will be a snap to use (zing!). All we know is this will probably make a lot of dev lives easier instead of relying on third-party tricks to grab screenshot.

Windows Phone Support Tool fixes NoDo update errors

One story that has gone mostly unmentioned, due to the non-drama, is how smoothly the NoDo updates have been going for thousands now--meaning we're not having the botched updates we saw with the February/pre-NoDo update.

Still, on the rare occasion there are still a few errors happening (though we haven't heard anyone complain yet to us). Specifically there are two errors that seem to affect a small amount of users that have the following codes:

  • 800705B4: The timer ran out on what we were trying to do.
  • 80180080: We couldn't update your phone because your operating system might be corrupt.

For those, Microsoft has released a special tool, preventing users from fiddling with their hard disk space and/or hard-resetting their phone. If you do have the above mentioned errors, head to Microsoft support to grab the special tool and get 'er fixed already.

Source: Microsoft Support; Thanks, Kevin W, for the heads up

TD2 Tools: Tweak up that Touch Device (Pro2 or Diamond2)

Being Windows phone users basically invites endless tweaking and modifying and while the Touch Pro 2/Diamond 2 is nearly perfect, there are still some niggles that bother some folks.

Lyriquidperfection, over at XDA, has made a nice little (and free!) program called "TD2 Tools" which just hit version 2a (look for v2b soon).

The program is simple enough and contains the following features:

  • General: Contains options for PopUp Menus, Start Menu Size, SMS Options.
  • TouchFLO: All TouchFLO related settings will be found here including TouchFLO Rotation, Enabling/Disabling TouchFLO Start Menu and HTC's Custom PopUp Menus.
  • Performance: Contains settings for altering: 'File System', 'File System Filter' and 'GDI / Font' Cache Sizes and GPS performance options will be in here.
  • Power: Wake Device on SMS and Wake Device On ANY Button can be found in here. More options will be included soon.
  • White List: White List integration so you can easily add or remove an application you want to rotate. Just browse for your '.exe' file, press the 'Capture' button & load your desired program. Then its just a simple case of inserting the 'Stylus' back into your phone to 'grab' the Window information.
  • Bluetooth: Various options for altering Bit Pool, Sample Rate, Device Name and Enabling / Disabling Audio Gateway Service and Obex Service etc.

The Performance section is really nice, helping to speed up the device graphics/processing.  Of course we always recommend a backup, just in case, but overall this program is pretty safe and well worth the 5 minute investment. Keep an eye on that page too as the developer is constantly adding new tweaks. 

And don't forget a donation if you like the developer's work!