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Torchbear, the app that combines social networking and gaming, keeps growing and growing. The latest update greatly improves sharing features (important for such a social app), adds a new Live tile, and even performance enhancements.

Torchbear version 1.5 release notes:

  • MANGO Support including LIVE Tile Support & System Tray Progress control!
  • System Tray is now transparent which gives us more screen space!
  • You can now Luv, Lulz, Like or Dislike any torch update
  • You can now comment on any torch update on a torch you have previously held
  • Twitter Support - can now share any torch update with 1 click twitter sharing
  • Sharing - can now share any torch update on Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook, Windows Live, and Windows Hotmail
  • Improved Notifications (now supports live tile, also the in-app notification screen has improved)
  • Improved News, Local News, and My News pages
  • Speed Improvements
  • Uses less bandwidth
  • Bug Fixes

How do you guys like Torchbear these days? The 1.4 and 1.5 updates have really improved the interface and given the app an impressive level of visual polish. The nearest torch to me is 39 miles away, but users who live in big cities and areas in which Windows Phone thrives will likely have a great time with the app.

Torchbear is a free application for your Windows Phone and you can find it here on the Marketplace. You can also check in on torches and view a world map of Torchbear activity at the Torchbear website.

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Torchbear, the popular social location based game for your Windows Phone, has been updated. Version 1.4 allows users to exchange with at least three of the nearest torches with no distance limitations. For those not familiar with Torchbear, you create a torch that is passed around from player to player to see who's torch travels the furthest. A torch is a message with a mission and purpose. For example, your favorite dessert is chocolate cream pie and you want to have others share what their favorite dessert is.

Other changes that come along with version 1.4 include:

  • Total Distance now displayed in the player summary screen
  • Players receive one point for unique torch exchanges greater than 10 miles
  • Maps now autozoom to show all torch positions
  • A menu option has been added to "Tell a Friend" about torchbear

You also have the customary minor bug fixes and game flow changes to improve the experience. Torchbear is a free application and does require member registration (free) to participate in the game.

You can grab your copy of Torchbear here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Torchbear bumped to version 1.3

Torchbear, a mobile geolocation based social network game, which went live on the Marketplace a few months ago, has been updated to version 1.3. The update is pretty big with more features and improvements being applied to the app. A quick walkthrough on what's included:

  • Added Search for player and torches to the main page
  • Added World News and Local News
  • Added auto exchanges for pending torches longer than 3 days
  • Added instant exchanges for players who have stopped playing
  • Exchange distance has been increased
  • Added support for Miles or Kilometers
  • New Player Points system
  • Improved loading performance
  • New Leaderboards (World, Nearby, and Following)
  • Ability to save any photo to your phone (including profile pics)
  • Can now exchange torches with a person who has held the torch before

You can download Torchbear for free from the Marketplace. Be sure to check out the official website too.

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Torchbear is a social networking styled game for your Windows Phone where you see how far you can pass a torch between other Torchbear members. A torch can be a thought, idea or image and collectively, Torchbear torches have traveled approximately 86,750 miles. Working off the success of the application and feedback from users, Torchbear has been updated to version 1.2.

New features include:

  • Torch points have been removed, torches are now ranked by Number of Followers the torch has
  • Players now receive points for distance traveled whilst carrying a torch (1 point per 50 miles) and unique torch exchanges (15 points if exchange is less than 1 mile, 10 points if exchange is less than 5 miles,5 points if exchange is less than 10 miles)
  • New Leaderboards that now include leaderboards for both torches and players, each category is split up into Worlds Top 20, Nearby Top 20, and the Top 20 Players/Torches you are following
  • Torch Profile - ability to save any torch profile pic to your phone and the Ability to rotate torch profiles pics
  • Torch Details - You can now update torch details after you have created a torch
  • Torch Exchanges - we now allow players to make multiple exchanges with torches they have previously held
  • The "Around Me" list has been improved, we now visually show which torches you have already held, and which torches currently have pending torch requests either by you or by someone else
  • Photos - all photos including both torch & player profile pics can now be saved to the phone

Torchbear is a free application for your Windows Phone and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace. You can also check in on torches and view a world map of Torchbear activity at the Torchbear website.

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Torchbear goes live in the Marketplace

We first mentioned the Windows Phone app Torchbear a couple of months ago when the developer needed beta testers. Well, the kinks have been ironed out and Torchbear has left the Beta stages and is now available over at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

What is Torchbear you ask? Torchbear is described as a mobile geolocation based social network game. You create a torch that can be a thought, idea or image. You then create a mission for your torch and share it with other Torchbear users around the world.

For example, you can create a torch calling for the posting of photos that make you think of the fall season (that's the mission) and add your own photo to the torch. You then monitor how many exchanges, comments, and followers keep the torch burning. You can also monitor how far the torch has traveled. You can even map out where your torch has been and monitor your torches progress from Torchbear's website.  The goal is to generate the most activity from your torch.

You do have to register with Torchbear (free) and it's interesting to see how far your torches can travel around the globe. Torchbear is a free app and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Torchbear is a unique application for your Windows Phone that has hit the beta stages of development. Torchbear is described as a mobile geolocation based social network game.

It appears to be part social networking app and part chain letter app (and that's not necessarily a bad thing). Torchbear is a way to share your thoughts, ideas or images with others around the world.  Each torch has a mission and accomplishing that mission is likely the gaming aspect of this new app.

Based on the promo video, Torchbear looks interesting but the developer needs your help. Entering the beta stages, the Torchbear developers are looking for beta testers. If your interested in helping knock the bugs out of this Windows Phone app, shoot an email over to with your Windows Live ID.  Use "Torchbear Beta Tester Request" as the subject line.  The developers will then get back in touch with you with the Marketplace beta link.

The concept definitely looks interesting and we'll be curious to see how the developers transfer that into a Windows Phone app.

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