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Nokia Lumia 520 – Unboxing and first impressions of the most affordable Windows Phone yet

Our Nokia Lumia 520 just showed up on our door steps today, so we figured we’d share the news with the largest Windows Phone audience in the world. 

For those who don’t remember, the Lumia 520 was announced by Nokia a few weeks back in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress. It, along with the Lumia 720, represents the completion of Nokia’s “range” of Lumias.

Amazon Unbox brings its videos to Windows Mobile


Add Amazon to the list of content providers with Windows Mobile compatible offerings. Amazon’s Unbox video service is offering portable versions of their videos that are compatible with Microsoft’s PlaysForSure certification.

The fact that a source as reputable as Amazon is offering content that is compatible with Windows Mobile is a great thing for consumers. Until our dreams come true and Microsoft gives us OTA access to the Zune Marketplace (hey, they apologized for the points system) this is a great alternative. While many people have been doing the video thing for years, the process of encoding video to optimize it for your media player of choice isn’t always as straightforward as one would like.

Is this old news for you guys? Is having video on your phone even something you would bother with? Talk it up in the comments.

[Simple Mobile Review via Windows Phone Thoughts]

T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 unboxed (sort of)

So what we have here of the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 isn't quite an actual unboxing. Consider it more of a box-opening, as the phone's not actually seen outside the box. But we'll take what we can get, and these pics from TmoNews are certainly another step toward from the dateless announcement on Twitter to the now-rumored Aug. 12 launch date.

Just a couple more weeks, folks.

HTC Snap unboxed in the UK

So far, it looks like the closest the United States will get to seeing the actual HTC Snap is with T-Mobile (though it may be called the Dash 3G). The Verizon and Sprint variants of the Snap are based more on slightly different platforms.

So, we present to you an unboxing of the unbranded HTC Snap, just released in the UK, courtesy of Mobile Tech Addicts. This should give you T-Mo USA fans a another pretty good look at what's in store comes July 1. And don't forget that the Sprint Snap may well be here this Sunday.

A slew of Touch Pro 2 unboxings

A favorite pastime of us phone nerds is to gather around a phone in a box ... and take it out. And record ourselves doing it for posterity. And after the break, a quick roundup of some HTC Touch Pro 2 unboxings and some hands-on time. (You can read Dieter's hands-on from Mobile World Congress.)

Remember that this is the unbranded, European version of the Touch Pro 2, so design is likely to vary slightly (Verizon and T-Mobile), or greatly (Sprint) when it's released by the U.S. carriers. (And we're still looking for AT&T shots that aren't renders. If you've got 'em, send 'em!)

So without further ado, unboxings from Mobile Tech Addicts, Tracy and Matt and Pocketnow.