Unboxing video

Lumia 510 unboxing and first impressions video walkthrough

Last month Nokia announced a new Windows Phone to compliment their advanced line-up - the Lumia 510. The handset is to target developing countries and more competitive markets where feature phones and smartphone conversions are more prominent. WPBOX managed to receive the Lumia 510 and have since published a short video of the product.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 gets unboxing treatment for the world to see

Ah yes, unboxing the videos, the smartphone tradition that will go on forever, where we all gather around and remain transfixed on our shimmering screens like children during Christmas as someone literally takes a phone...out of a box.

We usually skip these here at WPCentral because even we have our limits on how much phone pr0n we can watch, but we'll make an exception here for the AT&T Lumia 900. Over on YouTube, a user has posted a video where he meticulously removes the much anticipated phone from its recalcitrant packaging.

Not too much more is learned, though we do see the micro SIM removal tool (which we have a closer shot of above), the super sleek wall charger and we notice how there are no headphones on board, which is a bit of a bummer. The packaging, unfortunately, is still very "AT&T" as opposed to Nokia's designs for the Lumia 800 but c'est la vie on that one.

Anyways, hopefully this will keep you folks satiated for a few more weeks till that April 9th release date.

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Manoj, for the tip and Michael C. for the SIM tool photo

KIN Un-boxing

It looks like the KIN has taken center stage today with regards to Windows Phone news.  Earlier today, Microsoft released pricing and confirmed availability.  We are now seeing a few un-boxing (or should I say un-tubing) videos surfacing for the KIN One (bottom sliding keyboard version).

Initial impressions are that the phone is small and probably feels better with the keyboard extended.  Speaking of the keyboard, it appears well spaced and with the clicking sound that is evident in the videos I would imagine the keys aren't soft to the touch.  The touch screen seems to be fairly responsive but a fingerprint magnet.

It's difficult to properly gauge this Windows Phone without having it in hand but based on the videos, the KIN's OS seems a little cramped.  Items seem to blend together with little separation.  Maybe it's the smaller screen or that I'm used to the larger Windows Mobile environment.  If we can get our hands on a review unit, we'll have a full review up to give you all the highs and lows of this new phone from Microsoft.

Following the break, you can see the initial set-up for the KIN. It has a comprehensive set-up that will import contacts, emails, and appointments from your Windows Live account or help you setup a Windows Live account.

[via: wmpoweruser.com and intomobile.com]