Nokia begins global Lumia Black update roll out; kicks things off in China

There are many of us still waiting for Nokia to roll out the Lumia Black update for Windows Phones around the world. If you're not yet rocking the latest firmware, you'll be receiving your update notifications soon. Just as we covered last week, Nokia is beginning the major push to supported hardware, starting with China.

WNM Live updated with a new name and ad banners removed

WNM Live is a Windows Phone app that will connect you with other Windows Phone users in your area.  The social networking app was recently updated to version 1.29, which most notably changes the app’s name.  WNM Live is now Nearby.

Along with the name change, the user interface has been enhanced and the ad banners have been removed.  You also have a few bug fixes to help improve overall performance.

Rail Rush receives Undersea update, offering a new experience to speed through

Rail Rush is a popular Nokia exclusive endless runner and today we've been alerted to a rather large update in the form of the Undersea World. This new world offers an immersive experience as you traverse through the realm, avoiding obstacles and tackling monsters. We're now looking at version 1.6.

Nokia updates Call+SMS filtering with general improvements and bug fixes

Did you know that on your Nokia Windows Phone (since GDR2 and Amber) you're able to block unwanted contact from numbers through SMS and call filtering? It's a neat settings area, providing you with some power to prevent people from contacting you who you wish not to do so. Today, we've been alerted to a small update being pushed to the store.

Popular calendar app Cal receives massive update with new light theme and more

If you're not familiar with Cal, it's a new minimalist calendar client for Windows Phone. While this category of apps is already overflowing with different developers attempting to offer the perfect calendar solution, Cal is a unique experience and is well worth the download should you still be seeking that superb app.

Today, we're looking at version 1.1.0, which has just been published to the store. This is a rather large update so be sure to head on past the break to see what's new.

Still waiting for Lumia Black? Nokia China reportedly rolling out the update from next week

Nokia's Lumia Black update (rolling out alongside the Update 3 from Microsoft) is still being loaded on hardware in numerous markets post-Nokia World, but should you reside in China, you're more than likely still waiting for the update to hit your Windows Phone. Today, we've got some good news for you. WPDang has learnt through sources that China will see the Lumia Black update from next Wednesday.

Call of Duty: Ghosts update brings bug fixes, tweaks, and new "Heavy Duty" mode

If you are looking for a great way to spend your holiday break, you might want to whip out your copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PC. The developers have just released a new update to the award winning first person shooting that adds bug fixes along with a new game mode for you to "some".

New update for the WPCentral app v4.4 now available

Happy Boxing day everyone! As we come to the end of 2013 we have a little tune up to announce for our Windows Phone app. This is a minor bump for version 4.4 up to revision 12 and you can go download it right now from the marketplace for WP7 and WP8.

Of course if you want to find out exactly what has changed you can stick around and we’ll tell you all about it below. Also don’t forget to go and check out the first sneak preview of our Windows 8 app if you haven’t already, we hope to be releasing that into public beta very soon!

Maxthon web browser for Windows Phone receives massive update

Maxthon (www.maxthon.com) is a popular web browser available for multiple platforms, including Windows Phone. The alternative to Internet Explorer has accumulated hundreds of positive reviews since it was released back in October and the development team are back with a massive upgrade for users before 2014 arrives.

App Update Roundup: Freddy meets Christmas and Snes8x gets MOGA support

There's never a quiet day in the Windows Phone community when we're talking about app updates. Developers enjoy submitting regular releases to the store, introducing new features and functionality, as well as fixing a bug here and there. Today we're covering Snes8x and Freddy. Head on past the break to see what's new in each app.

Surface Pro 2 firmware fix to be delivered "as soon as possible"

Last week Microsoft pulled their latest firmware update for their Surface Pro 2 tablet. The update itself had caused issues on the devices of users who initially grabbed the update and Microsoft promised that a new update would be posted “after the holidays”. To our surprise (and delight), the update will actually be right around the corner instead of early 2014.

Pandora adds recommended stations and lock screen integration in latest update

Windows Phone users have a lot of options when it comes to streaming music. Pandora is one of them. Their app has just received an update that should improve user experience. A change log is included in the store listing, so head past the break to take a look.

Xbox Music for Windows 8 receives an update - new features and bug fixes onboard

Microsoft’s digital music service, Xbox Music, has received an update for its Windows 8 application. The new update brings a collection of new features and bug fixes to enhance your listening experience. Whether using an Xbox Music pass for unlimited streaming or purchasing songs individually – this latest update is out to impress.

Instagram updates official Windows Phone app with photo tagging and maps

The official Instagram Windows Phone client has been updated to version 0.2. While the app itself remains in beta, we're already seeing some improvements being implemented to better the experience for consumers. That said, we still anticipate a major upgrade to bring the Windows Phone app up to speed with both iOS and Android.

6snap brings better picture capture quality, new languages, and more in latest update

6snap, the popular unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone has just received a noteworthy update. Version 1.3 brings new languages, better quality of picture capture, and more. If you haven’t heard of Snapchat, it’s a photo and video messaging service that lets users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their ‘Snaps.’ Read on for the change log.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush for Windows Phone receives minor update

It was only a few days ago when we covered the release of Despicable Me Minion Rush for Windows Phone, but already the popular title has received an update, bumping the game to version Since this is such a minor update, we can only assume that bug fixes have been implemented, alongside some possible optimisations.

Instagram launches 'Direct' to easily share content with others; coming to Windows Phone

Instagram is one of those social services that many people simply can't live without. Sharing photography with friends and family can create magical moments for people, through locations, events and other situations. Now that we've finally got a Windows Phone app available on the store, Instagram has now announced a new feature - Instagram Direct.

Latest 6tag update brings bug fixes and improved security

6tag, the popular third-party Instagram application for Windows Phone has just received an update. Version 2.2.4 does not list a change log at the Windows Phone Store, but we have reached out to Rudy Huyn, the developer of 6tag.

Microsoft looking to bring back the Start Menu to Windows 8 in future update

Microsoft made some radical changes to the Windows platform with the launch of Windows 8. Some consumers adapted to the new Modern user interface, while others struggled to move on from the Start menu, not effectively utilising the Start screen with Live Tiles and other functionality. According to latest reports, the company is looking to return the Start menu in a coming update.

Phototag adds more themes and Windows Phone 7.5 compatibility in latest update

Phototag has just been updated with a couple more themes to add information overlay for your photos. Version 1.3 now has a total of six overlay themes: Place, Weather, Food, Baby, Speedometer, and Date+Time. The latest version also brings localization updates, wide tile support, and availability for Windows Phone 7.5 devices.

Phototag is only 2 months old at the Windows Phone Store. We’re following it closely because we’re big fans! It's handy for documenting captured moments on the photo itself and sharing the photo with others. The UI is minimal with bold colors good-looking typography. The swiping gestures also feel like this app is made specifically for Windows Phone.