UC Browser keeps the updates coming; now supports background downloads

UC Browser, the flagship product of UCWeb, claims to have over 400 million users in more than 150 countries around the world. The popular Windows Phone alternative to the default Internet Explorer has just been updated to version 3.2 with key enhancements like background downloads, enhanced download management, and UDisk branded cloud storage service.

Facebook for Windows 8.1 updated with sharing options and more

The official Facebook app for Windows 8 has been updated with some exciting new features. If you're an avid Facebook fan, you'll be pleased to learn that you are now able to download photos, as well as send them in messages. Another major improvement is the share charm support, enabling other Windows apps to share content with the social network.

Want to do anything on your Xbox One? You'll need the day one update for that

Are you expecting to be able to play the latest tiles on your new Xbox One as soon as you set up the new console? You'll be disappointed by a mandatory update that will be rolled out on day one. Unfortunately, the Xbox One is technically useless until the update is downloaded and installed (sucks if you won't have an Internet connection at the time), meaning there'll be no immediate gaming or app action.

HTC 8X on AT&T joins its International sibling, receives Windows Phone Update 3

It was only yesterday when we covered the International HTC 8X receiving Update 3 from Microsoft. Now we've had reports in from readers that AT&T 8X Windows Phones are also receiving the update. We've been able to confirm that the HTC 8X with the US mobile operator is indeed upgrading to the latest version of the OS (our 8X reports 8.0.10501.127).

Viber for Windows Phone updated to version 3.1; introduces revamped UI and more

Viber is a messaging app that enables you to text, group message and make free HD calls. Available cross-platform, the app has been updated on competing platforms, but now it's Windows Phone's turn. The client has been bumped to version 3.1. The release itself is quite a large one, packing a completely redesigned UI and more. Head on past the break for the details.

HTC 8X receiving Update 3 around the world

Earlier today, the Lumia 1020 picked up an update that helped address some imaging and touch issues with the phone. Not to be left out of the conversation, the HTC 8X is reportedly received Update 3 around the globe. You read that right, Update 3 is rolling out to international versions of the HTC 8X.

Imaging enhancements and more come to the Lumia 1020 in latest firmware update

The Lumia 1020 is still king of the hill for Windows Phone until the Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520 officially arrive in the hands of consumers. The beastly 41 megapixel phone launched in July, but hasn’t seen too many updates. It already came preloaded with GDR2 and many users put Update 3 on it through the Microsoft Developer Preview Program. Today, some users are reporting an update for their Lumia 1020. Let’s check it out.

WhatsApp update now live in the Store; brings voice messaging improvements and more

We told you recently of the upcoming changes expected with the cross platform instant messaging application WhatsApp, and the word on the street is that the update is now live. The changes in this version may not be the biggest in the world (unless you're on Windows Phone 7 - orientation lock!) but there are some welcome updates for you to enjoy. 

6tag Instagram client for Windows Phone updated with custom Toast notifications

6tag is the popular third party Instagram client for Windows Phone, developed by Rudy Huyn. While an official Instagram app is well on the way, Huyn continues to release updates for his offering in the mean time.

Version 2.0.1 has been published and is a minor update with a few improvements, including a treat for current Update 3 users.

Microsoft launches new Bing alongside the release of Windows 8.1

Microsoft previously revealed to the world exactly how it's looking to evolve its Bing search engine and integrate the service into the "one" company vision. As well as a brand new logo (which looks more modern and fits in with what we've seen happen to the rebranding of Office, Windows, Windows Phone and other products), the web service itself has been completely revamped.

Windows 8.1 will start to roll out to the world tomorrow – are you ready to grab it?

Microsoft’s latest upgrade to their Windows 8 operating system will begin to hit user machines within the next 12 hours – and it is ready to pack a punch.

Are you ready for the upgrade? Do you have a few questions on how to get it?  No worries, check below for a crash course in Windows 8.1 then be sure to tune in as we release our full Windows 8.1 review in the coming week.

Tapatalk for Windows Phone updated with numerous fixes and new features

Tapatalk has updated its official client for Windows Phone. Bumped to version, the team has added some new features and fixed numerous bugs and issues. If you're not familiar with the name, Tapatalk enables you to access multiple forum software installations around the web. It's a neat concept that makes it super easy to enjoy discussions on multiple websites. Best of all, it's completely free.

FB Pages Manager for Windows Phone receives massive update

FB Pages Manager for Windows Phone essentially helps you stay on top of administrating your Facebook pages (hence the name). The app sports numerous features that are absent from the official Facebook app and is a must-have should you regularly interact with your Facebook page(s) on a daily basis. The app has recently been bumped to version 1.5 and we're looking at a sizeable update with a strong list of new features, joined by fixes and alterations.

Microsoft Store's Windows Phone app updated, brings a handful of new features like side-by-side product comparison

When it comes to consumer electronics and the retail space, Apple does a pretty good job dominating the spotlight. That’s not to say that Microsoft with isn’t doing a good job with the Microsoft Store, there just isn’t as many out there yet. Which is a shame, because if you’re lucky enough to be near a Microsoft Store you know how the experience of buying a PC is leaps and bounds better than elsewhere. The stores offer knowledgeable salespeople, quality hardware with no crapware, and some solid deals throughout the year.

Thankfully, you can take advantage of those deals and hardware online through the Microsoft Store. Or through the mobile app on Windows Phone, which just got updated today. Let’s check out what’s new.

Share your event Countdowns on Instagram with added support in latest update

Countdown is a handy app that enables you to configure and count down to events or dates. It's a simple app with basic, yet useful functionality. We've just been informed that the app has been updated with Instagram integration and support for Rudy Huyn's 6tag Windows Phone app, an unofficial client for the popular photo sharing service.

Simple Calendar bumped to version 2.5; includes bug fixes and ability to open meeting locations

Simple Calendar is a gorgeous app for Windows Phone, enabling you to keep up-to-date with everything happening in your life. Sporting Modern UI inspired Live Tiles and an intuitive layout, Simple Calendar is a breeze to use and has been recommended by us in the past. Today we've been made aware of an update rolling out for the app.

EE customers rejoice; operator plans to roll out GDR2 and Amber mid-September

Those of you who are still eagerly awaiting the Amber / GDR2 rollout, we have some positive news for EE customers. The UK mobile operator took to Twitter today to reveal mid-September as to when Lumia Windows Phone owners can expect to see the updates shipped out on the network. Not long to go now, folks. EE is the last UK mobile operator to approve the software updates for the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

T-Mobile US rolling out 1328 OS update for Nokia Lumia 925 today

T-Mobile seems to be on a roll this week with updates. Earlier we saw the HTC 8X finally receive its GDR2 OS update along with new firmware and today, the Lumia 925 has received a minor OS bump from 10327 to 10328 along with new firmware, adjusting it from 1325 to 1330.

Since the Lumia 925 already shipped with Amber and GDR2 onboard, this update to 10328 is mostly related to carrier-related improvements and isolated bug fixes, though its exact contents are unclear at this time. Some users have reported some odd behavior on their 925’s, including occasional resets and even a “blue screen of death”, which is irrecoverable (we had this issue, though it seems very isolated). Also things like the soft keys not lighting up and Wi-Fi connectivity have been occasionally wonky, though overall, the Lumia 925 has been very reliable for our daily use.

Facebook app for Windows Phone 7.x users has been submitted, inbound to the Store soon

After months of waiting, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore just announced on Twitter that yes, the Facebook app for Windows Phone 7.x with the updated UI and features, has been submitted to the Store.

No ETA was given on when it would be available and it’s unclear if it still needs to pass certification or if it is being published as we speak, but we’ll keep an eye out as soon as it goes live.

GDR2 for the HTC 8X on Verizon shows up on support page, could be coming soon

Sorry friends on AT&T, no GDR2 today for your Lumia 920. Instead we’ve got some good news for everyone on Verizon with the HTC 8XGDR2 is coming soon for you. The little update that brings new features like FM radio support, improvements for Xbox Music and more is right around the corner.