Microsoft targets September 2017 release for Windows 10 Redstone 3

Microsoft confirms two major updates for Windows 10 every year, with Redstone 3 coming in September of this year.

Popular Microsoft Band app Fanband gets updated, adds Newest Themes list

Fanband is a one stop shop for a wide range of themes to use with your Microsoft Band. The app has over a thousand themes to choose from the world of sports, video gaming, movies and more. The app was recently updated to make it easier to find new themes that have been added to the mix.

Calculator Toolbox for Windows Phone updated, new user-interface and calculators in tow

Calculator Toolbox for Windows Phone is a popular utility app that delivers a boat load of calculators and converters to your phone. The app was recently updated to offer a new user-interface and add more tools to an already crowded toolbox.

The GOQii fitness app gets a nice refresh with a lot of bug fixes

Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, GOQii Life includes the GOQii Band, an advanced fitness tracker and a GOQii Coach, a virtual yet human coach that guides you on daily exercises, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and lifestyle with a focus on sustained engagement and goal reinforcement.

Dragon Mania Legends updated, noticeably increases the cost of playing

Dragon Mania Legends is an entertaining city builder game from Gameloft where you build up your city, breed dragons and battle neighboring Vikings. The Windows Phone game was updated today to version to add a few more gaming features but most noticeably increases the cost of playing the game.

There is no change log listed in the Windows Phone Store for this update but if you install the game and tap the Gameloft symbol in the upper right corner of the screen you can find the changes listed under News.

Appy Weather receives a flurry of updates, mostly bug fixes but a few new features are in tow

Appy Weather is a popular Windows Phone weather app that presents weather forecasts in somewhat of a personal nature. With a minimalistic design, the weather app does offer the nuts and bolts of your forecast but also offers a comparison of upcoming weather conditions to what you are experiencing now (e.g. temperatures will be much colder than today, etc.)

Appy Weather received a significant update last month that delivered lockscreen support and the ability to use Bing images or custom photos as your lockscreen wallpaper. Since that update, the Windows Phone app has received six updates with the most recent update pushing out today taking the app to version 1.2.2.

Update pushes out for the Windows Phone game HiLight, adds a new gaming mode

Several months ago we took a look at the Windows Phone game HiLight that is more or less a picturesque game of Simon Says. The multi-level game presents you with a sequence of lighted circles that flash and you have to repeat the pattern by tapping on the circles. You start out with only four lights and slowly build up to levels with fifteen lighted circles.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, the game was updated a few weeks ago to version 1.0.1219.2, which adds a new gaming mode, new rankings and personal gaming stats. HiLight came across as an entertaining Windows Phone game to pass the time with and the new game mode only adds to HiLight's appeal.

Car Dash for Windows Phone updated - adds FM tuner and more

Car Dash is an automotive dashboard Windows Phone app that puts a vast selection of features at your fingertips while on the road. The large touch interface makes it easy to access HERE maps, MixRadio, access contacts and more.

The Windows Phone app has been updated a few times since we last visiting things with the most recent update (version 3.7) being pushed out the other day. The last series of updates most notably adds an FM tuner and speedometer to Car Dash and helps add to the app's appeal.

Appy Weather for Windows Phone gets updated, adds lockscreen support and more

Appy Weather is a unique Windows Phone weather app in that it presents the weather in a more personal manner. The app takes on the weather forecast with a minimal approach, delivers a healthy amount of information and presents the information not only in a "nuts and bolts" manner but also suggest what the temperature will feel like or how the forecasted conditions will compare to your current conditions.

The Windows Phone weather app was updated today to version 1.2, which adds lockscreen support with the ability to use Bing images or custom photos from your Pictures Hub. App Weather is a well-received weather app in the Windows Phone Store and on first impression, the updates only adds to the appeal of this weather app.

Calculator Toolbox for Windows Phone gets updated and goes on sale

Calculator Toolbox is a feature rich Windows Phone calculator app that includes forty-two calculators that includes a tip calculator, a discount calculator, a debt to income calculator, mortgage calculators and more.

The app was updated earlier today to version 2.3 to add a currency converter with offline as well as online modes. To save on data, you can update the exchange rates and perform your conversions offline. The date of the last update for the rates will be displayed on the currency converter calculator.

Fhotolens gets bumped to version 4 with new image editor and more

Fhotolens is a neat photography app for Windows Phone, which provides your camera a virtual 10-24mm lens and HDR capture capabilities. The app has just been bumped to version 4.0, introducing a variety of features and improving the overall user experience.

Video Memories gets updated, brings about a name change and new features

Earlier this year we took a look at UbiShow, a feature rich slideshow video creator for Windows Phone. The app offered an easy to use method of converting your still images into video slideshows from vacation, special events or any other situation where you need to share a collection of photos in video format.

The developer has been busy fine-tuning the app and has recently released an updated version that not only changes the app's name to Video Memories but also adds a host of new features to the mix. UbiShow was an appealing slideshow creator and the new features brought about with the updated version only adds to the app's appeal.

Lumia update support portal is now available on Microsoft's website

Microsoft has moved across the Lumia support section for software updates to its own website. Previously available on Nokia's online portal, it makes sense for Redmond to move things across post-acquisition of the Nokia handset division. Consumers interested in finding out just when they can expect to receive future updates will now need to head to Microsoft's website, or load previous locations to only be redirected across.

Update rolling out for Space Squids, the retro game gets a new gaming engine

Space Squids is a endless battle game for your Windows Phone that has a retro feel that reminds me of the old Atari console games or maybe something from a Commodore 64 system.

You pilot a space ship through endless waves of enemy ships and bosses. It's a simple game that doesn't lack challenge and an update was released today taking the game to version 3.0.

The game has actually been updated several times since we last touched on Space Squids with today's update delivering a new gaming engine (Unity) to Space Squids.

Updates available for Location Finder and Calculator Toolbox, resolves performance issues

Windows Phone developer GJ Cruz has released updates for both Location Finder and Calculator Toolbox that mostly addresses performance issues with both Windows Phone apps.

Both apps experienced crashing issues at startup on Windows Phones with 4.7 to 6 inch display. The issues appeared to only occur with non-English markets and these updates should resolve this issue.

Calculator Toolbox updated, adds OneDrive integration and more

If you are in the market for a calculator app to cover just about every calculation need imaginable, check out the Windows Phone app Calculator Toolbox.

The app was recently updated to version 2.2 and adds a handful of new calculators to the toolbox, OneDrive integration and more.

Please note this update only applies to the paid version of Calculator Toolbox. The free, ad-supported version will eventually see the update but will lack premium features such as OneDrive integration and Excel report generation.

Microsoft releases preview app for Xbox One to help shape future updates

Microsoft has displayed strong support for its video game console with numerous updates since its release last year. The company is also looking to future updates and has released a new app for the Xbox One. This app enables consumers to join a preview program, enrolling their console for updates before sending them out across the platform. It's a positive move by Microsoft, especially with the sheer number of updates being pushed out.

ProShot set to receive a huge update - New user interface, front facing camera support and more

ProShot is a well-received Windows Phone photography app that delivers a DSLR range of controls to your camera. ProShot allows you to control settings such as ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Focus and more. You can shoot in full-auto or take the reins and shoot manual, tweaking the camera's settings to suit your tastes.

Proshot is due to receive a major update over the next few days that will bring a completely redesigned user interface, front facing camera support and more to the Windows Phone app. There is also a noticeable boost in ProShot's performance that increases the burst rate and gives capturing images a little more pep.

We've been tinkering with the updated version over the past few days and it adds to the appeal of what was already a fantastic Windows Phone photography app. If you like the current version of ProShot, you'll really enjoy version 5.0.

Official Flipkart Windows Phone app updated, adds push notifications and more

Flipkart.com is one of the leading online retailers from India, and offers a broad selection of products across diverse categories.

Flipkart launched their official Windows Phone in April this year, and we also wrote about the v1.1.0.0 update a few weeks. The app has now been bumped up to v1.2.0.0, and adds a few new features and improves the experience. Apart from some bug fixes and enhancements, the latest update also reflects Flipkart’s new brand identity.

Weather Hound updated with transparent Live Tile support

For those not familiar, Weather Hound is a Windows Phone weather app that approaches things in a simple manner. The app offers, in minimalistic fashion, a weather summary with the core forecast information along with hourly forecasts and a seven-day forecast. You can set Weather Hound up to provide the forecast information based on your Windows Phone location or turn off your Location Services and set the location manually.