App update roundup: UK Trains, Line and Calendar Calleague updated with new improvements

Another day, another batch of updates for Windows Phone apps. While we're still in the season of festivities and incredible retail sales, today we'll be looking at UK Trains, Line and Calendar Calleague, each bumped to a new version.

Head on past the break to find out what's new in each update.

Angry Birds updated across the board with new levels and characters!

If you have be experiencing wantingness for new gaming levels to your favorite Angry Birds game, today is your lucky day.  Updates have gone out to just about every Windows Phone 8 Angry Birds gaming title, adding new levels, characters and features.

We will start with the original Angry Birds game being updated to version 4.0.  Based on the Windows Phone store details the update adds 30 extra levels in a new Short Fuse episode.  You also have 15 new levels in a Birthday Party episode and a new wave bomb feature.

CarStand gets updated, new shortcuts and music player layout in tow

CarStand is a feature rich dashboard app for Windows Phone 8.  The app lays a list of basic Windows Phone functions (access to maps, weather information, speed dialing, etc.) at your fingertips for easy access while driving.

CarStand was recently updated to version 2.0 which gives the application’s user interface a new facelift which includes a new music player page and new shortcut options added to the main page of the app.  The update also adds a slightly different pricing point.

Weather Hound updated, minor tweaks and display options added to the mix

Weather Hound is a minimalistic weather app for Windows Phone 8 that offers you a summary of the current weather conditions, an hourly forecast and a seven-day forecast.  Weather Hound supports only one forecast location (either your current or a fixed spot) and offers an in-app purchase ($.99) to add New York MTA Subway information to your weather info.

Weather Hound was updated to version 1.2 today and adds a small collection of minor tweaks and display options.  You now have the options to display your current location on the lockscreen and in the app as well as an option to use an “apparent” temperature that will reflect how the weather feels.

BBC updates its iPlayer app for Windows Phone with fast resume and more

The BBC has released an update for its iPlayer app on the Windows Phone Store. The popular client enables you to watch and enjoy your favourite shows in a catch-up and on-demand like experience. There's no public change log, but we're got you covered. The latest version (1.2) introduces a few new features, so pop on past the break to find out what's new in the release. 

6snap for Windows Phone gets updated with improvements and bug fixes

The popular unofficial Snapchat client for Windows Phone, 6snap has been updated once again. Version 1.3.1 is a rather small update, but addresses some rather important bugs that have prevented some consumers from using the app. Pass on past the break to see what's new.

Updates for Nokia’s App Social and HERE Transit now live in the Windows Phone Store

Nokia’s been busy today.

We’ve seen updates rolling out for a variety of their handsets and apps. Now we’ve got two app updates for HERE Transit and App Social.  Let’s check out what’s new in both apps below.

Was Xbox Live support dropped for Tetris Blitz on Windows Phone? [Updated]

This has been a terrible year for Xbox games on Windows Phone. Microsoft has all but dropped support for the Xbox branding on phones, developers have stopped releasing Xbox games en masse, and new Xbox games are basically a rare occurrence nowadays. Don’t you wish the Windows Phone team cared a lick about gamers?

The latest sign of the inevitable demise of Xbox on Windows Phone comes with last week’s Tetris Blitz update. The game launched in a bug-ridden state (see our review). But to Electronic Arts’ credit, the publisher has released a steady stream of updates to improve its product. The latest update certainly packs some improvements, but it sort of looks like it removes Tetris Blitz’s Xbox branding. Could this be the end of EA’s Xbox support or just a snafu?

Update: EA's official response after the break!

Diptic updated, picks up support for low-memory Windows Phone 8 devices

Diptic, a collage creator for Windows Phone that we have covered a couple of times already, has just received an update that is going to make a lot of people happy. Version adds compatibility for low-memory devices! Many of you have complained, so this is great news.

This means you should now be able to install Diptic on devices like the HTC 8S, Ascend W2, Lumia 520, Lumia 620, and Lumia 625

Check out these hot Forza 5 Windows Phone car decals and update details

Forza Motorsport 5 is one of the premiere titles in the Xbox One launch lineup. With hyper realistic graphics, excellent physics, and innovative cloud-based driver AI, Forza 5 should keep fans of racing sims busy for months on end.

That’s all well and good, but my favorite feature of the Forza series has always been its unrivaled livery editor. Players have an impressive amount of freedom to make practically any decorations they want. An enterprising gamer could even make some classy Windows Phone designs with which to adorn the game’s cars. That’s just what our reader “B0BCAT wp” has done, as a matter of fact. Look at the detail on that phone!

Meanwhile, Forza 5 is set to receive a significant balancing update sometime within the next week or two. More details and custom car design pictures after the break.

Camera360 for Windows Phone 8 updated, sexy lips added

Camera360 is an eye-catching camera app for Windows Phone 8 that features a Compass Tool that makes it easy to switch camera scenes/modes on the go.

The photography app was recently updated to version 1.7.0 which addresses a few bug fixes and performance improvements as well as adding a sexy lip effect and new instant preview feature.

Skype for Windows Phone gets updated yet again; introduces IM copy and paste

The Skype team has announced yet another version of the Windows Phone client, version 2.13. We recently looked at some general fixes introduced in the previous update, but today we've got some new features to look forward to. Shoot on past the break to find out what's new.

Phototastic for Windows Phone gets updated, new frame backgrounds, stickers and more

Phototastic is a handy Windows Phone and Windows 8 photography app that focuses on photo collage building.  Phototastic also has some nice editing tools to let you make the most of your collage building skills or just give your individual photos a little flair of its own.  Once built, the collage can be shared or used as your Windows Phone lockscreen.

The Windows Phone version of Phototastic was recently updated to version 2.9 which adds new frame backgrounds, new stickers that includes photos, and several user interface changes.

Chase Mobile banking app lets you redeem credit card reward points in latest update

The Chase Mobile app for Windows has just received a minor update. According to the change log, version 1.48 gives you access to their revised online policy, redeem credit card reward points, and edit recurring payments and transfers. Nothing earth-shattering, but we love seeing updates for apps we use.

Car Starter for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds weather forecast as IAP

Car Starter is a dashboard companion app for Windows Phone 8 devices that puts essential apps and information at your fingertips.  The app was updated to version 1.7, which optimizes the app for 1080p phones, adds a few new shortcuts, and adds a weather forecast feature as an in-app purchase.

The 1080p optimization has five main buttons instead of the four and four tiles running across the top of the app.  Live Music Access and Metrotube apps have been added to the shortcut button lists.  You also have French and Polish language support along with a few bug fixes and stability tweaks.

Weather Hound updated, adds a trial version and minor bug fixes

Weather Hound is a simple Windows Phone 8 weather app that delivers the forecast basics to your phone.  The app has a clean, minimalistic appearance and comes across as an appealing choice to consider for those wanting a basic weather app.

Weather Hound was updated today to version 1.1, which most notably adds a trial version for the app.  The update also adds support for a solid color lockscreen and a description to the unit choices in the apps settings to make things a little understandable.

Podcast Lounge for Windows Phone receives large update with a ton of fixes

Podcast Lounge is a highly popular Windows Phone app, which has been available for some time. Igneous Software has released numerous updates for the podcast player in the past, but recently was pushed to the store. While this release is considered a maintenance update, there's a lot included.

Seasons updated, now playable on Windows Phone 7.x devices

Seasons is an infinity/endless runner game for Windows Phone that was recently released in the Store but had a few glitches that prevented it from loading to Windows Phone 7.x devices.

An update has been released taking the game to version 1.1 and the game loads and plays just fine on Windows Phone 7.x devices.  The update also improves multiplayer match making and fixes a few minor bugs that were discovered after the initial release of the game.

MoliPlayer Pro updated with numerous new features and functionality

MoliPlayer is an interesting app for Windows Phone 8. The media player enables you to enjoy multiple media file types that aren't natively supported by the Windows Phone operating system. Not only does it support more file types, but there's also 1080p playback (for you Lumia 1520 owners). We recently looked at the app in some depth, but today an update has been pushed to the store.

Windows Phone ‘Threshold’ update to join converging Windows 8.1 and Xbox One in 2015

Although Windows Phone 8.1 is not expected until spring 2014, there is already talk about what comes after the next major Windows Phone OS. This morning, Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet has leaked some new information about some updates coming in spring 2015, specifically its codename: Threshold.

The name, originating from the Halo series, refers to a wave of updates for Windows Phone, Windows and the Xbox One OS in 2015 that will work on bringing those platforms closer together. This won’t be the final merging of Windows Phone and RT, which is expected to come at some point, but a wave up updates that will allow those platforms to “share more elements” including "high value activities".