Microsoft Surface Pro and RT available at Wal-Mart, let the rollback savings begin

We aren't sure when this happened but Wal-Mart is now carrying the Microsoft Surface Pro and RT tablets. You can also find the type and touch covers as well as adapters and power supplies for the Windows 8 tablets.

Online, Wal-Mart has the 32GB Surface RT for $349 or $449 with the touch keyboard. The Surface Pro is running $899 for the 64GB version and $999 for the 128GB version. Keyboards are running $129 for the type cover and $119.99 for the touch cover.  The bad news is that it appears that supplies are limited.

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 to launch April 27th

While early reports had the Nokia Lumia 521 launch over at T-Mobile on April 24th, that date has come and gone with no new Windows Phone in sight. The reason, T-Mobile will now launch the Lumia 521 on April 27th during HSN.com's Innovation Weekend.  You'll need to check local listings for showtimes.

The Windows Phone 8 device will be bundled with a car charger and screen protector during the event for $149.99 with free shipping with a flex pay option available.

Windows Phones at Wal-mart comes with a $100 Gift Card

If you're out and about this Black Friday looking for Windows Phone deals and happen by your local Wal-Mart, have they got a deal for you.

Wal-Mart is offering $100 gift cards for any new and qualified upgrades on their Windows Phones (Android phones are also included). The offer is valid through December 1st and there is a maximum of five gift cards per order.

Wal-mart deal alert on the Lumia 710

The Nokia Lumia 710 has only been available for a few days and we are seeing some really good Wal-mart deals on the newest T-Mobile Windows Phone. You can find it free from Wal-mart.com (with qualifying data plan and two year contract) and one of our readers in Hawaii spotted the Lumia 710 in stores for $18.88. Either offer is a really good deal on a very good Windows Phone.

Now if we can just get Wal-mart (and others) to get the sales displays right.  The local Wal-mart in Hawaii lists the Nokia Lumia 4G as running Windows Mobile 7.5 and that the phone syncs with MS Outlook. Luckily the company's online advertisement displays the correct information and even refers to Windows Phone 7.5 as Mango.

I guess you could call that progress...

Mahalo to Marcus for the tip and photo!