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It's getting harder and harder to find good Windows phones — and that's just sad

As Microsoft winds down its smartphone efforts in preparation for its next mobile attempt, many fans still want a Windows phone. But boy, are they getting difficult to find.

Share your personal path on the Windows phone platform!

At Windows Central, we’ve used and reviewed a ton of different Windows-powered mobile devices. Today, we want to hear all about your Windows phone history.

Calling all Lumia 950 XL owners: Share your best images and video!

Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL remains one of the best Windows 10 Mobile devices available today. And one of the phone’s best features is without question its 20MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics.

Do you plan to ditch Windows Mobile for the Galaxy S8?

Even for diehard Windows phone loyalists, it’s getting hard, or at least harder, to stay the course and stick with Microsoft’s mobile OS. Samsung’s impressive new Galaxy S8 (GS8) smartphone is one reason why.

Norwegian municipalities looking to drop Windows Phone for Android

Windows Phones are currently the go-to smartphones for more than 100 Norwegian municipalities, but that may not be the case for much longer as they consider a switch to Android.

Why are we so obsessed with our smartphones?

There’s never been a time in history where a single personal object has so enamored mankind like smartphones have.

How to rename your Windows 10 Mobile handset

In this new guide for beginners, we’ll walk you through the easy steps you can use to change the device name on your Windows 10 Mobile phone.

How to remotely access your PC through your Windows 10 Mobile phone and Continuum

While we wait for Microsoft to release the Remote Desktop universal app, here's an alternative way to remote access your PC while using Continuum for phones.

Get $100 off the no contract price of select Windows Phones for a limited time

If you're looking for a new Windows Phone device but don't want to deal with the hassle of a contract, Microsoft has a few deals happening right now that you might be interested in. From now until April 7th, you can get $100 off the no contract price of select Windows Phones at Microsoft Store retail locations. Which devices are on sale you ask? Well, we've got the whole list for you.

Nokia releases HERE Transit and HERE Maps for non-Lumia Windows Phones

A lot of folks running Windows Phone on an HTC or Samsung device have bemoaned at the some of the exclusive apps Nokia makes available only to their own Lumia line. While it makes sense for Nokia to differentiate themselves, we know that sting from feeling left out. No pouting today though, Nokia now is letting folks on non-Lumia devices get some more HERE action.

Previously HERE Drive Beta was available to everyone, but now you can add HERE Maps and HERE Transit to the list of apps.

Windows Phones at Wal-mart comes with a $100 Gift Card

If you're out and about this Black Friday looking for Windows Phone deals and happen by your local Wal-Mart, have they got a deal for you.

Wal-Mart is offering $100 gift cards for any new and qualified upgrades on their Windows Phones (Android phones are also included). The offer is valid through December 1st and there is a maximum of five gift cards per order.

Nokia to build on success with AT&T; "Unique" devices coming to carriers?

Chris Weber, president of Nokia’s North America unit, is at it again, teasing us with the possibility of seeing Nokia Windows Phone devices on all of the major carriers across North America.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Weber reiterated comments that he made back in January, when he said that the key to Nokia's comeback would be offering "unique propositions" to each carrier so they can set their phones apart from the iPhones and Androids of the world. Weber shared,

“We’re back in the U.S., we’re back in Canada -- it’s exciting, but there’s more work to do.”

Nokia's partnership with AT&T has been hugely successful for the Lumia 900, and others to a lesser extent. The Lumia 710 is on T-Mobile now, but it is rumored that a Lumia 910, a slightly-modified version of the 900 with a 12MP camera, is headed there as well. Verizon Wireless is also rumored to be getting a Nokia handset as well.

While Weber's words of building special relationships with different carriers are certainly encouraging, these deals still need to come to fruition, so temper your expectations. While Weber didn't get into any specifics on what work is to be done, don't expect to see any carrier get some completely new and different device that nobody else has.

Heck, we'd be happy enough just to see Verizon and Sprint step up and get any Nokia phones at all.

Source: Bloomberg

Skype Giveaway could land you a Titan II or Lumia 900

Hot on the heals of the Smarter Apps Sweepstakes over on Facebook, another giveaway has surfaced. The Windows Phone Skype Giveaway is also being held over on Facebook and gives you a chance to win either an HTC Titan II or Nokia Lumia 900. Ten Windows Phones will be given away.

Just go to this Facebook page, watch the Skype video and then complete the entry form. You have until June 7, 2012 at 11:59PST to enter. Unfortunately we couldn't find the fine print so we don't know if you can enter daily or if you only get one entry.  Our guess, one entry per Facebook account per day but we could be wrong.

Oh...and the contest is only open to residents of the United States and District of Columbia (don't hate the messenger).

Good luck everyone and if you win will you choose the Titan II or Lumia 900?

Thanks, Ruslan, for the tip!

Verizon warming up to Windows Phone?

While Verizon Wireless does off the HTC Trophy as the company's one and only Windows Phone, customers have been wanting more selection out of the wireless provider for some time. Based on what Verizon's executive vice president and chief financial officer Fran Shammo said during a conference call, Verizon customers may finally see more Windows Phone becoming available.

Shammo said he was fully supportive of Microsoft and discussed the need for a third mobile ecosystem in the wireless industry. This is a bit of a change from late last year when Verizon had issues with the lack of LTE support coming from Microsoft. The feeling was that Verizon would continue to focus on Android devices as their center piece.

If Verizon was waiting for LTE support, the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II should prove that LTE support exists with Windows Phones. Another sign that Verizon may be coming around on Windows Phones is the recent announcement of the 8107 update for the HTC Trophy.

Based on Shammo's comments the chances of additional Windows Phones joining the Verizon line up seems promising.  Could we see a Verizon Lumia 900? Or maybe a Verizon Titan II?  

Source: CNET; Thanks, Anonymous, for the tip!

Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II, is one better than the other?

So which Windows Phone is better? The Nokia Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan II?

The Lumia 900 definitely hit the AT&T store shelves with a bang while the Titan II kinda snuck in under the radar. I've used both over the past few days and I will say this without reservation. There's not a bad choice between the two.

Okay... so that may be fence straddling but the differences between these two phones boils down to individual needs and personal preferences. Do you need a "knock your socks off" camera? Go with the Titan II. Do you prefer a screen with richer colors and more contrast?  Go with the Lumia 900. Are you looking for a splash of color for your Windows Phone other than plain old gray or black? Choose the Lumia 900. Are you wanting more real estate in your screen? Obviously the Titan II would be your choice.

These two new Windows Phone are so closely matched the difference may come down to which fits the best in your hand (and that's no easy measure either). We'll try to break things down a little better after the break to give you a fighting chance at deciding which is best.

HTC Titan II now available at AT&T

While retail stores will likely be closed for the Easter Holiday, you can find the latest HTC Windows Phone at AT&T's website just in case you can't wait until Monday. The HTC Titan II went live just a little while ago.

The Titan II sports an impressive 4.7" Super LCD screen, 16gb of storage, and a really, really, really nice 16mp rear facing camera. The Titan II made a very respectable first impressions and we'll have a full review up on the site shortly (hint: the Titan II ain't shabby).  The Titan II joins another new Windows Phone that you might have read about, the Nokia Lumia 900.  AT&T has once again built up a very admirable Windows Phone line up and hopefully they will put up the marketing efforts to support it.

AT&T is offering the Titan II for $199.99 after contractual discounts and you can snag it for $549.99 off-contract. You find all the details and ordering information here at AT&T's wireless site.

Radar, Titan, Focus S and Focus Flash now listed on Windows Phone site

In case you wanted to take a closer look at their basic specs, all of the new Windows Phone announced so far, including the Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash and HTC's Titan and Radar 4G are listed on

The only thing "new" that we found was the mention of the Focus S's "wide-band AMR advanced sound quality", which we have no idea what it means, but we guess we should be impressed and it's down as having a 9-hour battery life (a regular Focus clocks in at 7-hours, for comparison).

Of interest is how T-Mobile Radar 4G is listed under "Other" for some odd reason and the Quantum is still listed, even though it's gone from AT&T's site.

Source: Windows Phone; Thanks, Justin S., for the heads up

HTC working on a Beats Windows Phone

The HTC and Beats Audio partnership has already produced the HTC Sensation XE, an android phone with Beats Audio. We are now learning that a Beats Audio Windows Phone is in the works.

To quickly get a Beats Audio phone on the market HTC took the HTC Sensation, added Beats Audio software, a high-end set of headphones (complete with the Beats trademark red cord), added a few cosmetic changes and added the XE suffix.

Could HTC do something similar with the HTC Radar or Titan? Or are we in store for a few more Windows Phones from HTC later this year?

source: slashgear

AmazonWireless: buy a Windows Phone, get $25! [Updated]

We just got word that beginning May 30th, if you purchase any Windows Phone through Amazon Wireless, you get a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Whether your looking for the new Verizon Trophy or are looking for one of AT&T's Windows Phones, an extra $25 gift card is never a bad thing.

You can check out all the Windows Phone offerings from Amazon Wireless here. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the deal lasts until the HTC HD7S hits the shelves.

Update: And here's the link for the $25 promo page. Pretty nice knowing you can make money off this deal if you buy some of AT&T's devices; even the Arrive is $0.01.

Peeps are back up


Seriously, Twitter's back in action with Windows Phones.

Earlier this month Peeps went down due to an authentication protocol conflict and while we thought things were fixed last week (apparently for systems other than Windows Phones), it actually working now.

Now that order has been restored, we can sit back this weekend and tweet until our hearts are content. 

Really... we can.