XIMAD's fun and games for your Windows Phone

There are a handful of Windows Phone developers out there that offer a diverse portfolio of apps and games. XIMAD, Inc qualifies as such with offerings ranging from children's books to bible apps to games.

XIMAD has had a presence in the Windows Phone Store from early on (back when we called it a Marketplace) and for this week's roundup, we'll concentrate on the gaming aspects of their collection. Most of XIMAD's games are free but for those who want to drop the ad banners, there's often a paid premium version available.

The XIMAD collection of games are often on the simple side as far as game play is concerned but challenging and entertaining nonetheless and nice ways to pass the time with. There's even a few that will get you hooked into playing a little longer.  We picked a handful that we think you might like and if we've missed your favorite XIMAD title, feel free to share in the comments.

Windows Phone Game Review: Free Billy

XIMAD has a new Windows Phone game. Free Billy joins the likes of Pandas vs. Ninjas, De-Bugs Pool and Bubble Birds as an entertaining game that will help you pass short bits of time.

Billy is an angler fish that has gotten into trouble while exploring a sunken ship. You have to guide Billy through an assortment of mazes to reach a magic spiral that will eventually lead him to safety. Along the way, you'll need to collect treasure and avoid falling stones.

Windows Phone Game Review: Ape The Wall

Ximad has released some interesting games for our Windows Phone such as Bubble Birds, Pandas vs. Ninjas and De-Bugs Pool. Ape The Wall follows suit and is another entertaining game from Ximad that has hit the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The object of Ape The Wall is to guide your ape up the sides of buildings, canyons, or trees. All the while avoiding balconies, satellite dishes, alley cats, coyotes, tree limbs and various objects that mysteriously drop from above. There are two game modes and a hand full of power-ups to help you climb higher.

All in all, Ape The Wall is an entertaining game from Ximad and a nice time waster.

Windows Phone Game Review: Space Taxi

Windows Phone Game Review: Zuminja

Remember the video game Zuma? If so, then the latest Windows Phone game from XIMAD will feel awfully familiar. Zuminja is very similar to Zuma except you shoot various colored ninjas from a canon instead of marbles. Zuminja is developed in the spirit of the Pandas vs. Ninjas games XIMAD has made popular.

It's a fun game and the only downside may be that there's not a trial version available.

Windows Phone Game Review: Bubble Eyes

XIMAD has a new Windows Phone game over at the Marketplace. Bubble Eyes is a chain reaction, puzzle game that is well animated and rather challenging.

The goal is to remove all the eyes from the playing field within the allotted moves or touches. The fewer the touches, the higher the score. Bubble Eyes has Scoreloop integration to manage the online leaderboard and has two game modes, Arcade and Challenge. Plenty of gaming to keep you entertained.

Brain Cube Reloaded heading to the Marketplace

Windows Phone developers XIMAD Inc. has built up a rather impressive library of Windows Phone games. The company's portfolio includes Pandas vs Ninjas, De-Bugs Pool, Bubble Birds, and Brain Cube. Soon we will see Brain Cube Reloaded available on the Windows Phone Marketplace that will continue where the original version left off.

Brain Cube Reloaded is a puzzle game where you have to navigate your rectangular block through various levels of paths and mazes. Brain Cube Reloaded looks like it will be a challenging game for Windows Phone and we are told it will be available soon.

In the meantime, you can grab the original version of Brain Cube here at the Marketplace. It's a free, ad supported game.

Jewel Tower goes ad-free but is still free

Jewel Tower is a "tetris-like" game for your Windows Phone (here's our spotlight on the game) that was first released about a month ago as a free, ad-support game. Well that's changed.

XIMAD is still offering Jewel Tower for free but has dropped the ads. The ads-free version is fully functional and just as entertaining as the original, ad-supported version. You now just have a little more screen space to view the game with.

If you're looking for a simple, yet challenging, game for your Windows Phone you can find Jewel Tower here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Jewel Tower - App Spotlight

XIMAD has developed some interesting Windows Phone games such as Pandas vs. Ninjas, Bubble Birds and De-Bugs. Add Jewel Tower to the XIMAD's list of entertaining, somewhat addictive gaming lineup.

Snake - Review

XIMAD is offering Snake over at the Windows Phone Marketplace with is yet another variation of the classic snake game. The game of snake has gone a long way since the days of the monochrome version that was on so many Nokia bar phones.

The game premise hasn't changed a bit. You guide your snake around the screen collecting gems and artifacts while avoiding obstacles. The game has two modes, Arcade and Challenge. The Arcade Mode has you score points to work your way through multiple levels.  Each level has a required number of gems to collect in order to advance to the next level.  The further you advance, the more challenging the levels become.

The Challenge Mode is more of a free-style game that has you competing for a high score.  The more gems you collect, the longer the snake becomes.  The longer your snake becomes, the more challenging maneuvers become.

More after the break.

De-Bugs: A buggy release from XIMAD

De-Bugs is the latest Windows Phone release from software developers XIMAD. The game has you de-bugging 95 acres of lakes in the land of Mystery Pond.

To clear the ponds of bugs you essentially knock them into each other to get them to fly off. You have two means of accomplishing this. You can flick/swipe at the bugs to get them to slam into each other or the age-old method of tapping, pulling and launching them. You can bank the bugs off the edges of the screens as well as bouncing them off one another.

When hit, the bugs will start to flitter their wings and fly off. Only being hit by a like-colored bug will get them to fly off and to make the game challenging, your racing the clock to clear your lake.  If you miss your target or hit a bug of a different color, you'll loose points.

Another thing to be careful of is leaving a single bug of any particular color in the water. Eventually another bug of the same color will appear but it will cost you precious seconds off the clock. You get three chances per game and then it's game over.

De-Bugs does have an online leaderboard and a "secret" tilt control (hadn't figured that one out yet). De-Bugs is an entertaining, free, ad-supported game. You can download it here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Pandas vs. Ninjas updated, new chapter added

XIMAD has updated the Windows Phone game Pandas vs. Ninjas. The update adds a new chapter to the mix, a tropical paradise. The new level brings the total up to six, nicely increasing the game time.

The Angry Birds like game pits you (the Panda) against pesky ninjas. You defeat the ninjas by hurling tiny red pandas at their strongholds.  Each chapter has 25 levels, each progressively unlocked as you defeat the ninjas.

Pandas vs. Ninjas comes in two versions, a free ad-supported version that you can find here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace. There is also a premium version that will run you $.99 that can be found here at the Marketplace.

Two more Pandas and Ninjas games hit the Marketplace

Those pesky Pandas and Ninjas are still going at it. First we had Pandas vs. Ninjas and now XIMAD has released two additional Windows Phone games that carry this conflict further.

Kung Fu Tic Tac Toe and Ninja Breakout are both free, ad supported games available over at the Marketplace. Will the ninjas finally get the upper hand over the panda? Or will the panda continue to take center stage?

Ease on past the break to catch to short takes on both games.

BooksAlive series of childrens books by XIMAD

The team at XIMAD, who have brought us  titles such as Bubble Birds, 100 Top World Wonders and an array of joke apps, have now revealed their latest project for Windows Phone 7: BooksAlive.

The BooksAlive series will offer children and their parents insteresting apps with high quality. XIMAD have just released two new titles for this series: The Little Engine That Could and The Real Princess (Zune links). Some highlight features:

  • Illustrations that respond to your hand-gestures and come to life as you flip the pages
  • Objects that move and get animated when you tilt your device and tap on its screen
  • A perfect way to get your children interested in reading and keep them entertained whenever you are busy.

Both are availabe on the Marketplace for $0.99 and appear to be popular ebooks already. Check out two videos after the break for the two ebook titles mentioned above. 

100 Top World Wonders - App Spotlight

Ever wonder what's the world's largest volcano on earth is? How about the largest cathedral in the world?  Well, XIMAD has brought 100 Top Worlds Wonders to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace to help answer those and other questions about the wonders of the world.

From the Taj Mahal to the Great Barrier Reef, from the Grand Canyon to the Philippines' Chocolate Hills the 100 Top Wonders combines stunning photographs with quick facts on each wonder.  Each Wonder can be starred as a favorite for quick reference as well as shared through your Windows Phone email clients.  The app also has a keyword search function.

100 Top World Wonders comes in two varieties. There is a free, ad supported version here (opens Zune) and a paid, non-ad version (runs $1.29) here at the Marketplace.