We love Dying Light in these parts and if you've been in two minds over whether or not its parkour filled, zombie slashing open world is for you, today's your lucky day. There's now a demo of the game available for the Xbox One allowing you to check it out for no money down.

There are elements of Dying Light that can grind a little over time, like the never ending need to get everywhere on foot leading to a lot of running about. But there's plenty of stuff to kill while you're doing all that. Harran is an open world full of nasties, things to climb and places to explore, and it's going to get even bigger.

We took a look at expansion pack, The Following, at Gamescom and it's more of what we love with some new bits that replace bits we weren't so fond of (hello off road buggies!). It's well worth a look, so snag the demo in the Xbox One Store now.

Download Dying Light demo for the Xbox One

via Major Nelson

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