Board Express Pro (see site) just went 2.0 this week and it was quite the major overhaul of the Tapatalk message board client. Featuring a new UI, faster scrolling and just overall smoother operation, it seems to have finally hit the "recommend zone" by us.

We just took v2.1 published the other night for a spin and were quite impressed. The app is compatible with thousands and thousand of message boards around the globe and even our own forums right here. Enabling you to log in, post messages, check your PMs, favorite forums for quick access--it seems to have it all from our end. Also new in 2.x is themes support--from dark to light, to using your accent color, to some presets, it gives a nice, custom look to your message board.

The app does fetch for $2.99 which is a bit high, but if you're a forum junky, we can say it is money well spent. There is also a full-trial that limits your to 60 characters per post and you can only favorite three boards--but it is certainly robust enough to let you decide if it's for your. Download the trial here in the Marketplace and post your thoughts in our thread on the topic--great way to get your feet wet, eh?

Grab Board Express Pro here and the read-only-but-free Board Expres here.