The team has published an article on the official blog, detailing plans to cease support for third party messaging services. Google Talk, Facebook and Windows Live played an important role when the service launched back in 2012, but the team notes it's difficult to guarantee a fast and reliable service when external platforms are supported. So how is this going to affect users of the platform?

From August 15th this year, will no longer support the third party services and will focus solely on its own messaging platform. If you use the app for Windows Phone, you'll be unable to message friends on Google Talk, Facebook Chat or Windows Live through If you're on Windows (or Mac) you'll need to install the mobile app before you can communicate with contacts from the desktop / laptop.

Unfortunately, if you still require one of the external services, the team recommends checking out alternative solutions. You can download from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only). Thanks, Danny, for the heads up!

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