Tap Shot is an entertaining target game for you Windows Phone that has you taking out targets as fast as you can tap them. We liked the game when we first looked at Tap Shot but the one thing missing was an online leaderboard.

Tap Shot was recently update to version 1.2 and adds an online leaderboard to see how your speed shooting compares to others. You can also tag friends who also play Tap Shot and follow their progress. There is also a few design changes that gives the game a little bit of a facelift to the menus.  All in all, the update improves the look, feel and performance of Tap Shot.

Tap Shot still has three shooting galleries to choose from (each with unique target challenges) and a fourth gallery marked as "coming soon". The goal of Tap Shot is simple. Shoot as many targets before the count down timer hits zero with as few misses as possible. Targets range from stationary targets to bats.

If you haven't tried Tap Shot, it's a fun game to pass the time with. There is a free trial available and the full game will run you $.99. You can find Tap Shot here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.