Last time we touched on Taptitude they had just hit 100'000 download, and were doing pretty well for themselves. And it's only gotten better from there.

Taptitude is a game made by four brothers, which is a collection of mini-games. As you play through the games you gain points, which you can use to unlock more games. In total there are now over 60 mini-games, and more are added each update.

Over on their blog, they have detailed what the last year has been like for their game, as well as how much revenue they have made through Microsoft PubCenter ads in the game. So how much have they actually made? As of yesterday, they have pulled in slightly over $100'000 through ads.

And from the graph below (ad impressions), it's pretty obvious that it is not slowing down - in fact, in the comments on the article, one of the developers mentions that over the last few days they have been pulling in around $1400 per day.

Advert impressions

They also give lots of other stats about the ads, impressions, and download so we recommend you go check out the source below.

One final thing that we found interesting was the device usages. It might be obvious given how much Nokia is pushing their Lumia range, but it's good to see that other developers are also seeing the Lumias taking top spot.

Device usage

Source: fourbrosstudio