Being Windows phone users basically invites endless tweaking and modifying and while the Touch Pro 2/Diamond 2 is nearly perfect, there are still some niggles that bother some folks.

Lyriquidperfection, over at XDA, has made a nice little (and free!) program called "TD2 Tools" which just hit version 2a (look for v2b soon).

The program is simple enough and contains the following features:

  • General: Contains options for PopUp Menus, Start Menu Size, SMS Options.
  • TouchFLO: All TouchFLO related settings will be found here including TouchFLO Rotation, Enabling/Disabling TouchFLO Start Menu and HTC's Custom PopUp Menus.
  • Performance: Contains settings for altering: 'File System', 'File System Filter' and 'GDI / Font' Cache Sizes and GPS performance options will be in here.
  • Power: Wake Device on SMS and Wake Device On ANY Button can be found in here. More options will be included soon.
  • White List: White List integration so you can easily add or remove an application you want to rotate. Just browse for your '.exe' file, press the 'Capture' button & load your desired program. Then its just a simple case of inserting the 'Stylus' back into your phone to 'grab' the Window information.
  • Bluetooth: Various options for altering Bit Pool, Sample Rate, Device Name and Enabling / Disabling Audio Gateway Service and Obex Service etc.

The Performance section is really nice, helping to speed up the device graphics/processing.  Of course we always recommend a backup, just in case, but overall this program is pretty safe and well worth the 5 minute investment. Keep an eye on that page too as the developer is constantly adding new tweaks. 

And don't forget a donation if you like the developer's work!