WP Central Team behind HTC 8x for Windows Phone 8 and explain that iconic design

HTC has just released all the juicy details about their upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices but the story certainly isn’t over yet.

It’s clear HTC is keen to get back into the game with Windows Phone 8 and prove they are more than a match for Nokia. Design and colour look to be the key differentiators for Windows Phones from now on, HTC, like Nokia are launching their devices in a spectrum of colour.  A strong focus on stand out design could be what propels Windows Phone 8 in the eyes of consumers.

The HTC 8X has been designed beautifully, the designers and engineers tell us how they let themselves be guided by the simplicity of the tile tiles. In all the shots we see that the start screen is colour coded to the body colour, its really neat and will please those with an obsessive matching streak. They also speak about the curved glass, we can see how nicely that tappers to the case, that should mean it feels great in the hand. Interesting that they talk about the textured finish, HTC have gone with a matte effect here. No gloss finish for HTC it would seem.

Looks like colour is going to be with us in a big way when it comes to Windows Phone 8 and we’re really glad these devices aren’t boring slabs. It’s pretty evident HTC is more than keen to jump back into the ring and tough it out with the Nokia for the title of best Windows Phone. With designs like these we think HTC could have a chance at taking a big slice of the market back.

As ever, we’re keen to hear what you think of these new designs and colours and renewed commitment to the platform. Tell us all about it in the comments bellow.