Much like CNet's Molly Wood, having a review from non-enthusiasts is an important method to evaluate a phone's potential. Arguably, Windows Phone Mango is Microsoft's second chance to woo the smartphone crowd and how novices or teenagers react to it is important for marketing.

Luckily for friend of the site and ZDnet writer Matthew Miller, he has his teenage daughter, Mal, on hand to perform such a task. By letting her use a Samsung Focus with Mango loaded, she was able to give her opinion in a nicely written review. From her summary:

"Overall I thought the Samsung Focus with this new Windows Phone Mango update was an amazing phone, I really loved it! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, smart, social phone. Windows Phone 7 is my new favorite operating system and I can’t wait until my Dad gets me one of these, hopefully for Christmas (hint, hint)."

Interestingly, her criticisms are pretty much spot on, noting the lack of LED alerts--something we often hear as well:

"There was no notification, or indicator lights. You must turn the display on to the lock screen to see if you have any notifications and to make sure it’s charging which I found to be a bit of a pain. I had to frequently check my phone to see if I had a text, email, etc, and would like to have a better system."

We have a feeling most here will agree with that assessment. Check out the rest of Mal's write up though as she breaks down section by section and gives her thoughts on such things as the hardware and software. At least for this one teenager, Microsoft seems to have accomplished their mission. Now to just get the word out...

Source: "Teen talk: Mal loves Mango and thinks many others will too" (ZDnet)