Although WhatsApp and BBM rule the roost for messenger apps these days, Telegram comes in right behind them in terms of features and even security due to the onboard encryption. The group behind Telegram held a contest to see who could make the best Telegram app for Windows Phone, and back in May Ngram won the honors.

Today, version is live in the Store, and this is more than just standard performance improvements, as new features and some refined ones are included.

Telegram Messenger beta (v0.1.3.4)

  • Voice messages (listen and send)
  • Photos Hub integration
  • New toast notifications
  • Secondary tiles on the Start screen
  • Bug fixes

Those are not trivial additions, as voice messages are a big deal these days, especially when you do not have time (or two hands) to type out a message, and the rest of the new features are certainly welcomed as well.

The biggest hurdle Telegram faces is getting your friends, family, and colleagues to use it. Assuming they already do, then make sure you grab today's update as Telegram for Windows Phone just became significantly better.

Thanks, Yuvraj R., and Riccardo, for the tips!

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