Last night, T-Mobile US continued their Un-carrier promotion where they look to shake things up by introducing new consumer friendly features. One of the major announcements was in regards to streaming music on their network, which now won't count against your data usage, including no overages, no data caps and unlimited streaming. It's a pretty crazy item for a carrier to give up because as you can imagine, it's easy to go over your data allotment each month if you don't eyeball it too carefully.

The downside is T-Mobile has a pre-selected list of music streaming apps that will part of the program. Xbox Music wasn't one of them. No worries though as T-Mobile is letting users vote on which services they want included and for that, Xbox Music is included:

"App after app, we're setting streaming music free. If your go-to streaming music service isn't part of the program, speak up! Pick your favorite from the list below and enter for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 and premium headphones."

You know what that means. Navigate to and scroll down to the bottom where you can place your vote in include Xbox Music in T-Mobile's new free-music streaming package.

Thanks, A M and Sean P., for the tip!

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