the walking dead

Telltale Games scored a big hit with the first two "seasons" of its episodic adventure game series based on the The Walking Dead comic book. The company confirmed last year that a third season is in the works but this week its director of PR Job Stauffer confirmed that it won't be out in 2015.

However, Stauffer added, via his Twitter account, that fans of the Walking Dead game series may be in for a surprise sometime this year. He stated:

"Alright. No more WD teasing on Twitter until E3. Simply put, no S3 this year, but WD fans are still getting something major in 2015."

It's possible that Telltale might release some kind of DLC add-on for The Walking Dead Season 2, similar to how they launched a DLC pack, 400 Days, for Season 1. Telltale is quite busy these days. It is in the middle of releasing two episodic games; one based on Borderlands and the other based on Game of Thrones. It also has a Minecraft game in the works, and a project set in the Marvel superhero universe that will launch in 2017.

Source: Job J. Stauffer (Twitter)