HTC 8X Update

The HTC 8X is going through some bad times it would seem. The Windows Phone isn’t faring well with the latest GDR2 update from Microsoft. Vodafone AU has already skipped the update and is instead heading straight for GDR3, and it seems Telstra is also following suit. The mobile operator has revealed on its website that consumers will be able to look forward to a future rollout.

So what’s the reasoning behind skipping GDR2? Surely these operating partners want the latest software running on supported hardware to provide the best possible experience for customers, right? Absolutely, but they’ll also hold off should issues arise, which is what appears to be happening with GDR2 and the HTC 8X. Here’s what Telstra had to say on its website:

"Approved 26 July however due to issue identified by HTC the GDR2 update has been cancelled on this device worldwide in favour of the GDR3 update."

The update was approved back in July, but has since been cancelled and this is reported to be a worldwide issue too. Indeed, Windows Phone Central first reported on some 8X and GDR2 stability problems back in July and carriers have noticed too.

So, onto GDR3, when does Telstra expect to have the update for testing? Late November. There’s a slight wait, but at least an update is on the way and it will include all the features of GDR2 plus the new ones for GDR3.

Source: Telstra, via: Windows Phone Central Forums,  AUSWinPhone; Thanks, Chris H. and Peter M., for the tip