lumia 930

The Telstra wireless carrier in Australia has announced it has delayed the launch of its Lumia 930 model. It was originally set to be released today but the carrier has announced that date has been pushed back due to a small hardware update on the Windows Phone 8.1 device.

In a note on their web site, Telstra stated:

There was a minor hardware update made after we tested and approved the Lumia 930 that we were only recently made aware of. This has meant that we have needed to re-test the device to check it meets our performance benchmarks before putting it in the hands of our customers. The testing is currently underway and we promise to complete this as quickly as possible.

The company offered no details about the hardware update, nor did it reveal any specific dates for when the Lumia 930 will be released. Another carrier in Australia, Optus, is already selling the phone, and Vodafone will do the same on Wednesday.

Thanks to Salah for the tip!

Source: Telstra