The Nokia Lumia 625, featuring a nicely sized 4.7-inch display and a 1.2GHz dual core CPU is certainly an interesting phone. Its budget priced and lacks a lot of the high end features of its Lumia brethren and yet it’s still in a category all its own due to that screen size, large battery, microSD expansion and premium Nokia feel.

Telstra began selling the Nokia Lumia 625 at the end of August, while some third-party retailers had it a few weeks earlier.

Telstra posted three new videos to their YouTube channel to help promote the device, and while the videos overlap in content (we swear, they’re slightly different) they do highlight some of the best features of the latest Lumia phone. Presented by Nik Nokilic, the Lumia 625 is hyped as a viable business phone with plenty of selling points.

Although it may seem odd to tout the Lumia 625 as a business phone, an earlier report by IT Wire said exactly that and that the market was responding to it positively in Australia. Specifically, an Optus store noted that the Lumia 625 was selling well for executives (with the Lumia 520 for staff) and even a Telstra franchisee owner said that Windows Phones are very popular BlackBerry replacements.

No word on the public advertising campaign for the Lumia 625 in Australia as far as billboards, print or TV, but it will be curious to see how this device fairs in Windows Phone marketshare in the coming months.

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Source: TelstraCorp (YouTube); via @WPDownUnder