Temple Run for Windows Phone 8

We have another vague update inbound for the popular (and long overdue) Temple Run on Windows Phone 8. The addictive game has now been bumped to version with no Changelog in tow, unfortunately. That means we’ll have to rely on you for some testing to see if you can discern any noteworthy changes.

We can say that if you were hoping that the 1GB of RAM limit was lifted, you will be disappointed. Firing up the QR link for our adorable Lumia 521 resulted in the now familiar “App not compatible” error message. Sorry folks.

Temple Run for Windows Phone 8

If we had to guess at any improvements, it would the touchscreen controls (responsiveness) and maybe it’s just us, but the framerate looks higher (but admittedly, we’ve been playing ‘Brave’ more than the original).

Anyway, you can pick up Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 (1GB of RAM devices only) here in the Store.

Update: According to their official account, the Temple Run developers say this version should run on 512MB devices. We've tried on our Lumia 521 and 720 with zero success, so something is awry with the update. The good news? Evidently they are trying to get it on 512MB phones.

Via: Plaffo

QR: Temple Run