Temple Run Windows Phone Tile

With yesterday’s crazy day of game releases for Windows Phone, the popular (and free) Temple Run was released to mostly mixed reviews. Forgetting the fact that Temple Run 2, which is arguably way better, just came to iOS in January, Temple Run for Windows Phone is lacking in a few areas. For instance, no Xbox LIVE support, the Tile pinning to the Start screen was blanked out, some stuttering issues and no support for devices with 512MB of RAM.

Well, version 1.5 was just pushed out and guess what? At least the Tile has been fixed.

Users who update will need to unpin and re-pin the game to the Start screen, but upon doing so they will see the proper Tiki icon on their screen. Unfortunately, there is still no support for 512MB RAM devices, though that may be addressed later.

You can pick up and/or update Temple Run here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only. Thanks, Naveen, for the tip!

QR: Temple Run