Looks like some Xbox LIVE titles are still getting updated for the NoDo and Mango crowd.

The first up is the big hit Tentatcles which was bumped to v1.1 and is now Mangoized with fast-app resume and presumably 60 FPS (hard to tell since the game is not so fast to begin with).  We're also going to bet this includes some of those fixes we reported on earlier. The update can be found here with this Zune link.

The other Xbox LIVE game would be Doodle Jump, which also is bumped to v1.1 but surprsingly it's a NoDo version with some bug fixes (we're working on a exact changlog).  Too bad about the lack of Mango, but we bet the majority of you NoDo users are happy with the update. Doodle Jump can be found here in the Marketplace.

We'll try to get more info on what exactly these updates brought to the table. Stay tuned. Thanks, Cyrus1989, for the tip