Terry Myerson

Mary Jo Foley recently talked with Terry Myerson about the future of Windows, transparency and more. Terry, as you know, is the executive vice president of Microsoft’s operating system group. This division is responsible for the all operating systems at Microsoft.

She sat down with Terry a few days after Build and now has two great posts up on her site detailing the exchange. We’ll highlight a few interesting tidbits and then send you her way to get the whole scoop on the future of Windows and Microsoft.

Microsoft is committed to Windows on ARM. There have been reports from time to time that Microsoft should dump on ARM and focus on x86-based processors, but that’s not what Microsoft has planned. Terry assures us that Microsoft has a great version of Windows on ARM.

We’ve also heard a lot of talk about Microsoft’s “One Windows” vision. Is that marketing fluff or something that actually will have a tangible benefit to developers and users? Terry says the most important thing to take away from their One Windows vision is that developers have one platform that spans the Internet of Things (IoT), phone, tablet, PC, Xbox, Perceptive Pixel displays (PPI) and the cloud. One Windows is a place where developers can build products to target customers on a nearly any computing device.

Head to All About Microsoft to read the entire transcript from her interview with Terry. Here’s part 1 and here’s part 2