Any Brits looking for an Xbox One and a cheap Windows tablet could be in luck with this forthcoming deal from Tesco. According to the ad shown here, from November 7 you'll be able to pick up a console plus a 7" Connect Windows tablet for £349. Since the console costs £329 on its own you're essentially getting a Windows tablet for £20. Not bad.

There aren't any games for the Xbox One included in this bundle. But, it's a great chance to pick up a cheap tablet ahead of the holidays if you were going to grab a console anyway. The ad doesn't mention any specs for the tablet either, but you should at least be able to get a little more information before leaving the store with one. Likewise if anyone's come across it already and knows a little more, drop us a line in the comments.

There doesn't seem to be any mention of this bundle on Tesco Direct right now so it's possible you might need to head to your local store to pick one up. In any case, keep an eye out from November 7 onwards.