While it seems all our feature check lists were complete throughout the Mango VIP preview yesterday, there was one small function they seemed to miss - tethering. This is without doubt one of the most requested features by consumers and it seems the Windows Phone team are aware of those user who require it.

Achim Berg, corporate Vice President of Windows Phone marketing, told Pocket-lint at the VIP event in London that he regrets not being able to get tethering included into the update by the development team and mentions it was clear on the day (at the event yesterday) that many of those in the audience wanted that feature to be mentioned.

Update: Microsoft's Matt Bencke responded and gave more detail on the status of tethering on the Windows PHone blog (Thanks, @techSage)

"I appreciate your pain around tethering (using your device as a modem) as this has been something that I've used in the past. Tethering, in the past was something that we managed independently of the Mobile Operators (e.g. AT&T, Orange, Verizon). In recent years, the Mobile Operators have now taken ownership of this functionality x-all platforms (e.g. our competitors as well as us). We are continually working with them and our OEM partners to enable this functionality for our devices, but at this time there isn't an announcement that we've made in regards to rolling out this feature. Stay Tuned!"

Source: Pocket-lint, via: PocketNow