Another morning and another round of app updates that feature some Mango goodness. Today we have two apps that feature some big internet media sites: theCHIVE (site) and VEVO (site).

  • theChive - The popular photo and video humor site has an unofficial/official app for Windows Phone and the new v1.2 features fast app switching, optional toast notifications for new posts, optional 2-sided live tile with picture and title of latest post, new search function and your regular mix of fixes and speed improvements. TheChive app is of course free (ad supported) and you can grab it here in the Marketplace. (Web Link) (Thanks, Jason J., for the heads up!)
  • VEVO - The trendy music video site has a really nice app for Windows Phone (seriously, check it out) and it just hit v2.0 bringing some awesome Mango features including creating custom playlists, pin any artist/video for quick access to your favorite music, music hub integration and fast app switching. It also has music trivia before each video, which is kind of cool. You can pick up VEVO here in the Marketplace for free. (Web Link) (Thanks, Daniel, for the tip!)

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