Theme+ is a Windows Phone app that allows you to create custom designs that can be used to add a splash of color to your Windows Phone Start Screen background or lockscreen.

Theme+ is an attractive app to have in your Windows Phone library for customizing your phone's appearance. It is also today's myAppFree deal.


Theme+ includes a vast color palette where you can choose a combination of colors that are applied to a collection of unique patterns. Patterns include various diamond cut patterns, swirls and mosaics. You can choose your colors manually or let Theme+ randomize the color pairs.

Images are saved to your Pictures Hub and can be set as background images for your Windows Phone 8.1 Start Screen or set as your lockscreen wallpaper. Regularly priced at $.99 through the myAppFree promotion today, Theme+ is free.

  • Theme+ - Windows Phone 8.1 - Less than 1MB - Free - Store Link

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Quick Update:If you are seeing Ape of Steel highlighted in the myAppFree app, there is a slight lag time between the pricing change in the Windows Phone Store and when the app appears on myAppFree. You should see Theme+ highlighted in about six hours.

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