Need to take a nap on the morning train commute? Car pool and want to doze off? Tempted but don't want to miss your stop?

Earthware Limited has released the Windows Phone 7 app, There Yet? to help with such dilemmas. The app uses Bing Maps to set geo-location alarms that will sound as you approach your destination.

In briefly testing out There Yet?, the only glitches I experienced was that at times it had difficulty acquiring my location and at times I wasn't sure if my destination was set.  Giving the app the benefit of the doubt, the location issues could easily be an issue with the area and not with the application itself.  While the app isn't too difficult to navigate around, a Help Section would be a nice addition to shorten the learning curve.

There isn't a trial version of There Yet? and the full version will run $.99. You can download your copy here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.