One of the increasingly amazing things about the Xbox One game library is the support from indie developers through the ID@Xbox program. We're big fans here at Windows Central and in recent times we've been given a bunch of great titles to play like Massive Chalice, Beach Buggy Racing and Shovel Knight, to name a few.

With E3 having been and gone, we already knew that there's some good stuff headed our way. How much? How about 124 trailers for new ID@Xbox games. How's that grab you?

We're not listing them all, because that would take a long, long time! Thankfully Microsoft has done that for us and embedded each and every one of them into one giant blog post. You'll find the link for it at the bottom of this one, though we've embedded a few for you to check out here.

So, what's in there? We've got things like Cuphead, Beyond Flesh and Blood and Beyond Eyes, all titles that were given big E3 publicity, but what about beyond that? We've got Leo's Fortune, a Van Helsing game, a new Warhammer release and something called Fat City. And lots, lots more. If you want to watch them all, find a comfy chair and clear your schedule.

But what it does do is further highlight the ever growing strength of the Xbox One developer community. We expect the likes of Bethesda, EA and Ubisoft to come up with the goods, but there's a world of great games beyond the AAA publishers. And with Gamescom little over a month away, there's every chance the number will continue to grow. Looks like we're in for a busy time.

Source: ID@Xbox

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