A few days ago, we received a tip from @WindowsPhone8 about some upcoming features that developers will be getting in the new tools release as well as the upcoming 'Mango' update. While we weren't 100% sure of the information, it seemed credible and realistic enough.

Sure enough, Microsoft today at MIX11 announced pretty much everything we wrote on:

  • Interoperability: devs can now use both Silverlight and XNA inside a single app - Check
  • Bundled SQL CE database on the device - Check
  • Full camera API access e.g. for augmented reality apps - Check
  • Live tiles and push notifications will be improved and easier for developers to use - Check
  • Sensor framework and controls - easier access - Check
  • Silverlight 4 for Windows Phone - Check
  • Full network / sockets access (we've heard this before) - Check
  • More on 'Mango' - Check

We'll have more on these components throughout the day as it's a lot to digest. The feeling here at MIX11 though is exuberant for these announcements and devs seem very happy with all the news tools, including even more improved performance (scrolling, memory, loading) for apps.

So yes, 'Mango' will be pretty huge and Microsoft is still saying it's scheduled for "the Fall", which is good news to our ears. See earlier announcement for more info and watch @WindowsPhone8 for further leaks.