Windows 10 with Windows Hello

The facial authentication features that will be a part of Windows 10 have already been tested extensively by Microsoft. The company says that over 13,000 unique faces have been captured so far by the "Windows Hello" system.

Microsoft revealed this bit of information, and a lot more, during its WinHEC conference event today called "How to Implement Face Authentication in Windows 10." Microsoft says that it has a target of capturing 30,000 unique faces for the Windows Hello feature. The faces have a variety of ethnic looks, along with skin color, height, weight, and if the person wears glasses, among other options. The faces have also been captured with a number of different angles and lighting conditions.

Windows 10 facial authentication

The session also revealed that PC hardware makers must use cameras with at least a 640x480 resolution for the Windows Hello facial sign-up feature to work. It must also have an IR-capable lens, an IR illuminator and an IR band pass filter. Microsoft has already announced that PCs which include Intel's RealSense F200 camera will be able to use the Windows Hello facial features in Windows 10.

Source: Channel 9