Threes! is a big name game, having first been named 2014 iPhone game of the year, launching on Android then finding its home as a snappable game on the Xbox One. Now, it looks as though we may finally, one day, see it find a home on Windows Phone as well. One Windows Central reader put the question to the developer, with an interesting response.

"@AsherVo still can't find @ThreesGame on #WindowsPhone's store yet. That's a huge bug!"

"@PittaMan I'm on it"

The developer, Asher Vollmer, then linked to a previous tweet showing "new toys" consisting of a Windows Phone and a Surface Pro 3. While it's certainly no guarantee, it's a pretty strong hint that work is being done to bring Threes! over to more Microsoft devices. Keeping everything crossed.

Source: @AsherVo

Thanks Justin for the tip!