Windows 10 Mobile gamers will have a new sports game to check out soon. Game Troopers has revealed plans to release Tiki Taka Soccer, which it says will offer an excellent touchscreen soccer experience

Here's a look at what players can expect from this game:

  • Free to play! Thousands of hours of fun at your fingertips!
  • Super addictive soccer action. Arguably the best soccer game available for your phone/tablet!
  • Create your dream soccer team and lead them to the top of European club soccer!
  • Experience the highs and lows of the soccer world, relegation, promotion and glory are yours for the taking!
  • Hire trainers, accountants and fitness coaches to take your team to the next level!
  • Buy the best players in the world and dominate the soccer world!
  • Incredibly easy to pick up and play but tough to master!
  • Total touchscreen soccer!

Source: Game Troopers (YouTube)